Airlyte Animal Bedding
Airlyte animal bedding is a clean, dry, odourless, absorbent, dust free animal bedding made locally from recycled, corrugated cardboard.




Airlyte animal bedding is a clean, dry, odourless, absorbent, dust free animal bedding made locally from recycled, corrugated cardboard.

Sue with Airlite bales in tackroomAirlyte is a premium quality animal bedding made from waste corrugated cardboard.  It is virtually dust free, low in bacteria, mould free and highly biodegradable.  This bedding has been used, predominantly for stabled horses, in the UK and much of Europe for the past 15 years.


 Horse in stable with Airlite bedding

Recommended by vets worldwide, Airlyte is the beddingof choice for those people concerned about their animals' health, comfort and well being.




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Mucking out a stable that uses Airlite animal bedding
The corrugated cardboard used in Airlyte animal bedding is clean, virtually dust-free and odourless

Using Airlyte animal bedding can reduce stall cleaning time! 




About Us


In 2007 Airlyte animal bedding was introduced to the New Zealand market by Donald and Sue King who manufactured the product in Christchurch. 

We became interested in animal bedding after one of our Arabian horses, Cheiron, suffered a serious hoof injury and had to be confined to a box for several weeks. We cleaned the box daily but were still concerned about the healthiness of the environment. The stall often smelled strongly of ammonia, the sawdust was damp and contained fungal spores. We were continually removing and replacing sawdust. We believe to this day that the bedding in the box contributed to a secondary infection in his hoof.

Two years later a chance remark at a forestry conference by one of the presenters sparked Donald's interest. The presenter said that wood waste was becoming more valuable as an energy source. This finally got us looking worldwide for a healthy, sustainable alternative to sawdust and straw bedding. 

Almost two years after our initial research we began making Airlyte in Christchurch from clean, waste corrugated cardboard. We hope you will appreciate its benefits as much as your favourite animal will.



Lillian Bonner (Equine Vet) Testimonial


"Cardboard bedding is one way to reduce the particulate matter to which horses are exposed."

"Cardboard bedding has the benefit of being a dust free alternative to shavings, sawdust, or straw.  It is a clean bedding that can be safely used with horses undergoing wound management or post operative care to help prevent infection and contamination.  The advantages also extend to preventing respiratory inflammation in healthly equine athletes.  There have been studies to show that small particulate matter (like that of bedding, road dust, vehicle dust, and feed) contribute to mucoid accumulation in the respiratory tract causing inflammation and allergies which can lead to reduced athletic performance (especially in high performance race and sport horses).  Cardboard bedding is one way to reduce the particulate matter to which horses are exposed."

Lillian Bonner DVM
Advanced Reiki Practitioner
Christchurch, New Zealand




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