Animal Burial
Professional solution for lifestyle block owners, horse studs and farmers.

 Deciding what to do with a dead animal can be a big decision, especially if there's an emotional attachment involved.

Most people prefer to have their animal buried on their property, but don't have the equipment or the experience to handle it themselves.Richard Logan of Animal Burials provides a professional solution to lifestyle block owners, horse studs and farmers.Based in South Auckland, Animal Burials covers the areas from Awhitu to Kaiaua and Auckland to Hamilton.
This service is ideal for situations where:
  • There is an unexpected death.
  • There is an emotional attachment and the owner would like to have a burial site dug.
  • An animal has been put down by the veterinarian.
  • The animal needs to be removed from a difficult position.
  • A 24 hour or same day service is required.
With 30 years farming experience, Richard Logan can also offer a large animal rescue service for those animals who get stuck in drains, swamps, holes etc.




Richard Logan has more than 20 years experience driving diggers for contract work. He began burying animals six years ago, when he had to bury his wife's horse and found that there was a need for such a service.

"With horses, I always try to get there on the same day, as there's usually a lot of emotion," says Richard. This means that he is on call seven days a week.
Richard works with the local vets in the area. "If an animal has been sick for a while and the owner has made arrangements with the vet to have it put down, then I'll be there at that time. However, when the death is unexpected, that's when you have to be available at any time."
While he primarily deals with horses or cattle, Richard has buried just about everything, including llamas, an emu, pigs, dogs, goats and sheep. Using a three tonne digger, Richard says the job can take up to an hour. "You try to make a nice, neat job, because of the emotion involved for the owner.
It's not all doom and gloom though, as Richard has also been called in to rescue live animals from drains, tomos and ditches, for people who have not got their own tractors.Richard will also transport animals back to the owner's property if they are being agisted off-site and it's not practical to bury them where they are. Other disposal options can be also be arranged. "For me, it's important that my clients know I will be there when they need me and that I'll do a good job for them."
Richard also has a 15-tonne digger for general farm maintenance, drain cleaning etc.