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BlubloodstockBluebloodstock was set up to provide a one-stop shop for owners to breed and foal their mares.  We saw a need for improved mare management to make the breeding process less confusing and more efficient for mare owners.

Mare owners are often keen to breed a foal from a special mare or continue a performance line with select breeding from international frozen semen sires.  


The problem is where to begin?  

Are your facilities safe enough for the vet to scan your mare?  How and where do I store frozen semen? How do I have fresh semen couriered to my mare?  How do I look after my mare to maximise her fertility?

We have also seen huge mare and foal wastage over the years with inexperienced breeders foaling down at home.  This is costly for you the breeder, the stallion owner and heart breaking for everyone involved.  Our experience in the pre and post natal care of mares and the ability to provide emergency treatments for mare or foal ensure the best possible start in life.

The way we saw it, by providing breeders with a one stop shop for all breeding services, with an equine veterinarian on site we could remove the hassle of dealing with several different parties.  This minimises the confusion for the mare owner and ensures top quality care for the mare.

Who We are

We're a service that prides itself on high quality well informed breeding practices. We're the kind of people that are down to earth but very serious about producing the next superstar in your stable.  Our equine vet Holly Walton has a particular interest in equine reproduction and foal medicine.  Holly has equine breeding experience in Australia and New Zealand and has enjoyed working both in stud and boutique breeding operations as well as in general equine practice.  

Why Work with Us?

We LOVE the business of producing foals! There is nothing more exciting for than us to share the news of your mare's first positive pregnancy scan or to email you the first photos of your new foal in the wee hours of the morning! 


Artificial Insemination

We provide reproduction management for a full range of arificial insemination services including, fresh, chilled and frozen semen. We coordinate semen order and delivery for you with your stud of choice once your mare is ready to breed.


Embryo Transfer

If your mare is unable to carry her own foal or is still being sucessfully competed/raced embryo transfer may be the perfect solution for you. Please contact us for further details on this specialised service.


Supervised Foaling

Supervised foaling will remove your stress and sleepless nights. Mares are supervised by an experienced equine vet during foaling. If assistance is required for delivery help is on hand. To discuss the pre and post natal care we provide for your mare and foal and the benefits of having an equine vet on hand please contact us.


Individual Mare Management

Our boutique service is based on managing mares individually. This has been proven to increase fertility by minimising stress. Mares are grazed in individual paddocks which are kept clean, reducing parasite contamination and increasing pasture availablity. Mares often cycle more efficiently in this manner.

Location: 92 Farm Park Road

Phone: (09) 236 4552
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