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Horses are our greatest fans!

What do you need from a float? Quality, safety and durability.

What does your horse need from a float? Safety, comfort and stability.

Boeckmann - the European market leader for over 50 years, now available here in New Zealand.


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Treat yourself and your horse to a Boeckmann float and arrive safe and relaxed. 

•    Safe, comfortable and stable for both you and your horse
•    Attractive, aerodynamic
•    Lady friendly with easy to open and close ramp and easy coupling
•    Lightweight, suits a larger range of towing vehicles
•    Great for big horses up to 18hh
•    Will not rust, no need for garaging
•    No flaking of paint, never needs repainting
•    Absolutely quiet with no rattles, great for uneasy travellers
•    Aerodynamic design, more fuel efficient
•    Class-leading suspension
•    Sold in 33 countries
•    Over 300,000 floats sold since 1956
•    Two-year warranty and nationwide delivery
•    Nationwide delivery, free to Auckland, Waikato and BoP
•    Regarded by many as the world’s best horse floats


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