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Breed Ezy Mare Foaling Alarms

We are a New Zealand company producing high-quality foaling alarms.

Breed Ezy Foaling Alarms utilise the latest technologies and carry more features than any other available product.

They allow peace of mind and confidence when foaling, and help increase the odds of a healthy foal being born.

Breeders throughout New Zealand have been using Breed Ezy Foaling Alarms for several years with great results.

There is a one-year manufacturer's guarantee on all our products.

Our Breed-Ezy Foaling Alarms consist of the following components:

* The Transmitter

Compact and strong styling, test function button, LED status for testing and checking battery life and customised timing facility.

* Pocket pager

No bulky receiver unit required; vibrate or audible alarm modes.

* Monitor cover

Strong, protective cover, which attaches under the mare's halter.



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