Broady's give you the widest range of products from all around the world. From modern wood fireplace stoves and cookers that provide cooking, domestic water heating and central heating if required, to freestanding wood burner stoves and 'Open' fireplaces for both indoor and outdoor use.

Broady's have been leaders in solid fuel cookers for almost 120 years. John Broady emigrated from Cheshire in 1879 and was employed by Hyauiason's the rangemakers locksmiths, before setting up his own business in 1885. John specialised in coal ranges as did his son, and his grandson Doug!

We have a very extensive range of wood fireplace stoves, wood burner stoves and boilers and wood cookers.  We also display in our showroom many other top quality brands.

Our service extends beyond the front door. We offer a supply and freight service throughout New Zealand and the neighbouring islands to the wider Pacific Region.

Our contract installers and plumbers are available or we can give advice to your own plumber.

We carry spare parts for all models marketed by ourselves and our workshop also carries out repairs.

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