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Devan Tanks
Devan Plastics is an icon of the rural sector having pioneered the large plastic water tank 20 years ago. Today, Devan has continued to innovate in the areas of water storage, wastewater treatment and disposal, chemical containment and we are working on a bunch of other exciting projects, but they are secret!
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Based in clean green New Zealand, our company reflects a pioneering ethos through our innovative designs, manufacturing processes and end product, along with quality, durability and cost effectiveness.

Devan made its name by manufacturing the best water tanks in the country over 20 years ago. With over 200,000 tanks sold to date chances are your neighbour has one, so go ask them what they think!

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    Order your tank now online, and in most cases you will have it delivered within 5-10 working days.



    Devan Tanks YouTubeDevan YouTube Channel

    Have you ever wondered how our tanks are made? Perhaps you would like to take a tour of our factory. Well check out our YouTube channel for our latest videos.


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