DirtyMan Skincare
Looking after yourself is no longer girly!

DirtyMan Skincare was founded in 2007 in a dingy bathroom on a building site when the original DirtyMan decided that he needed to start looking after himself a little better. The search began for a product range that not only provided exceptional results but also one that any DirtyMan would feel great about using.

There was nothing available solely for Blokes and there were no quality products at a reasonable price without the made up words and fake science

This had to change!

The DirtyMan Concept was born and we grew around the philosophy that being Dirty is fun.  So get out there and get dirty and DirtyMan will make sure you look presentable afterwards!

Crusty is never a good word and when it can be used to describe your skin it is time to reach for DirtyMan Moisturiser. Our moisturiser quickly restores dry skin and replenishes moisture lost during the the day while the Aloe Vera will help restore skin damage.

Moisturiser is best used on clean dry skin morning or evening or after shaving.

Moisturiser SPF 30

For the outdoor animals amongst us our SPF 30 Moisturiser contains all the great ingredients of our standard moisturiser but with the added benefit of having a tested Sun Protection Factor of 30.

Use this during the day to protect your skin from the suns harmful rays where ever you are.

Sometimes we Dirty Men need a little extra help when we need to scrub up and that’s where our DirtyMan Scrub comes into play.
Specially formulated with apricot kernels and pumice micro particles to gently deep cleanse your skin and pores with Aloe Vera extract to sooth and restore.

Use DirtyMan Scrub 2-3 times weekly.

Big beards are the realm of the old and the weird, don’t let yours get out of control.
Our DirtyMan Shave Gel contains Aloe Vera to sooth as you shave and has a special clear formulation for sculpting if you want to explore your artistic side.

We recommend washing with DirtyMan Face Wash before shaving to remove impurities and following up with a great moisturiser- Ours of course.

Going out tonight?
Feeling Dirty?

Filthy faces impress no one so use our Aloe infused face wash to sooth and cleanse your skin. DirtyMan Face Wash will gently cleanse your skin and regular use will banish blackheads from your life.

Face wash is best used each day in the shower and before shaving to soften and prepare skin.


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