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Dunstan Horsefeeds
A Leading Equine Feed Company

The  "Dunstan" brand was developed in the mid 1980's when the process of extrusion was innovatively introduced into the NZ feed manufacturing industry.

Since then, the "Dunstan" brand has become one of New Zealand's leading equine feed brands.

Dunstan has worked alongside veterinary professionals to develop nutrition programmes for the New Zealand Thoroughbred Industry. The complete feed concept is applied to nutrition for young horses, from foals to yearlings; to racehorses; and to sport and leisure horses. This is because one horse feed will not meet the nutritional requirements for horses at different stages of growth and development, or at different performance levels. Dunstan is dedicated to providing diets that will optimise growth and performance in each sector by selecting wholesome ingredients and applying rigorous quality control standards to both ingredients and finished products.

Product Range

Stud / Breeder
This range is designed to cater for in-foal mares, new born foals and young and growing horses. There is a great deal of flexibility within this range to cater for the wide variety of changing needs inherent within this group.

Racing / Training
This range has been developed for race horses at any stage of their training from spelling horses through to horses in full work and everything in between. There are also specialty feeds within this range giving you more flexibility to suit individual horses preferences and differing needs, ie. tying up.

This range has been developed for horses that are being used for Equestrian purposes. This covers a broad group of horses from pony club ponies, hunters etc right through to top class eventers, show jumpers and dressage horses and for all abilities from novice through to advanced.

Cereal / Chaff
Included in this category are the traditional feeds including chaffs, oats, bran etc.

The Dunstan Supplement Range incorporates products to complement our fully balanced feed range and to add specific nutritional benefits to traditional feeding programmes.




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