Equine Natural Hoof Management

Equine Natural Hoof Management

Qualified, experienced barefoot trimming in the Auckland to Waikato area.

What is Holistic Horse and Hoofcare?
My training is to understand the functions of a healthy hoof and natural environment to best work with horse owners to achieve a healthy sound horse able to perform in any discipline barefoot.

Two of the most important aspects is movement (15km per day) on breed-appropriate terrain, combined with a correct physiological hoof form for optimal hoof mechanism or expansion of the hoof. This gives optimal circulation to the hoof, which in turn gives optimal quality hoof growth in order for the horse to be sound and capable of the tasks required from them.

In nature, hoof growth and hoof wear are in balance. In a domestic situation, this is altered, depending on the environment we provide. I see it as our responsibility to do our best to provide a healthy holistic environment for horses to live a long and healthy natural lifespan. We can do this by gaining knowledge about the best possible practice to replicate nature in a domestic situation.

Movement, hoofcare, nutrition, herdlife, shelter and comfortable equipment that does not cause physical pain. It is also important to learn to understand the horse's mind, so that we can safely work with the horse for mutual enjoyment

As part of my work with hoofcare, I am also very interested in supportive natural therapies to support healing and restoration to health of horses with problems.




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