HR Fisken
Equine Osteopath

Osteopathy is a safe, gentle and effective form of treatment and is suitable for all types of horses. I am UK trained and qualified and during my training I worked on big race, dressage and showjumping yards in the uk.

Osteopathy is great for treating:

Gait Probs: not tracking up, choppy stride, won't strike off on the correct leg

General schooling probs:  Reluctance to work on the bit, won't collect, poor lateral work, reluctance on one rein.

Pre/post competiton stretch outs.

Soreness when tacking up (saddle on or girthing up)

General soreness or stiffness

Although I am based in Auckland I will travel if there is demand.

Treatments are $80 and last for 30 mins (or longer if there is something particularly complex)

For more information please email or call me.