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EquiPro NZ - Equine Performance Products NZ Ltd... Proudly NZ owned & operated NZ Agent for Hi Form Products

Hi Form is a range of Naturopathic Veterinary Formulas which has been selling sucessfully in Australia now for 19 years, the Hi Form range is Australian owned & made!

There is a Hi Form Supplement to suit every horses needs! Hi Forms Daily Supplement Range consists of... 'CompletaVite' For horses in light work, retired horses or those having a spell - provides a lovely healthy shiny coat, great for the Show Horse! 'PerformPlus' Total nutritional support for the Performance Horse &  'BreedPlus' which maintains health of pregnant & lactaing mares, weanlings & yearlings.

Hi Form also have a fantastic range of Specialist Supplements... 'Breathe' Assists horses exposed to dusty conditions. 'ElectrolPlus' Assists horses in recovery after strenuous excercise & is involved in red cell production. 'EquiSoy' Assists in weight gain. 'GrowthFix' Contains nutrients needed for normal growth & health in young growing horses. 'HerbaNerve' Helps keep your horse calm and stress free - without removing the edge required for a top class performance. 'Proflam Aid' Assists in maintaining healthy cartilage, muscles, tendons & bones. 'Proflam Aid +' 40% stronger than Proflam Aid - if you are unsure of which product to use then please contact us! 'Topline' A natural way to achieve topline in just 6 weeks!!! Excellent for horses with poor appetitie or in a run down condition.


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