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Made to order equestrian clothing for the discerning rider
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Imagine the feel of a professionally tailored jacket made to fit your unique shape.  This is what you will get when purchasing an F G Reynolds garment made in the Cambridge Clothing factory in Auckland.

Our jackets, waistcoats and shirts are designed in such a way that it would be virtually impossible for any two to be the same – offering you a truly unique and individual look.

The F G Reynolds concept was created by Jenny Dittmer – returning to riding after 28 years Jenny saw a gap in the market which she knew she could cater to.  A naturally creative person Jenny had always designed and made her own garments, combine that with the fact that she has worked in the clothing industry her entire working life, the last 16 years with Cambridge Clothing.





By selling directly at Equestrian shows the rider effectively designs their own jacket, a choice of two styles and options like single or double vent, functioning cuffs, velvet collar, piping and various choices of feature stitching and buttons.  Our range of pure wool fabrics is extensive and of a weight suitable for the activity. Our beautiful lining range further personalises the jacket.  The look can be completed with a made to order waistcoat and shirt.




The Whip Clip

The Whip Clip is a compact, discreet whip holder that gives the rider a convenient location to store their whip while they are riding when it is not needed.  The Whip Clip simply slides over the top of the rider’s tall boot or half chaps, when the whip is not needed the rider inserts it into the clip.  It can be readily retrieved with one hand while still maintaining rein contact with the horse.

Location: Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty
Phone: 022 097 3957
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