Farm Trailers
Quality farm trailers built to your specifications. Built in Christchurch at our workshop 4, 6, 8, 10, and 14 tonne tipping trailers with single or double axle. Call to discuss your needs.


After growing up on a farm in North Canterbury and marrying a girl who is horse crazy I soon became aware of the need of good pasture management. This starts with the maintenance of the paddocks from picking up the horse manure (looks better and removes the worms) to topping them to promote pasture growth.
I soon got sick of picking up the manure by shovel and wheelbarrow and thought there’s got to be an easier way.
I did my research and came across a company making these machines, and they are KIWI MADE which is a big thing to me. As if anything goes wrong we need to talk to someone straight away and get it fixed straight away. They also have to be built tough as to be honest we are not always gentle on equipment.
I do not sell or promote things that do not last so I have put them through their paces, they said if you hit something hard on the 1 meter toppers the motors will stop then when ready you can restart them. On a trail with a topper the quad dealer, in front of some buyers decided to go up a hill and bellied it out. It started straight away like they said it would.
They also come with a 12 month warranty and we love to hear your feedback especially if you have some ideas on how to improve the machines.
After being asked if I sell Arena/Track groomers I thought I have better source some and came up with Mijik Brand, how Kerry who designed these is very passionate about the way the riding surface, either arena or track should be perfect for your horses feet, for your Horses health and to keep the vet fees down.
How there has been a lot of news out there about trailers falling to bits, this comes down to mainly two things 1)- they are just built out of materials not designed for our country, more for the people who drive slow with a little bit of rubbish on for the tip. 2) - well just people are after a bargain, why should I spend that when I can get it for X number of $, she will be right, the bolts won’t come undone and the axle won’t fall off, and then kill someone. It may not but why risk it for a few more $.
Farm Trailers are built tough, no bolts, over engineered, with a 5 year warranty, you can go and use it for what it’s made for knowing everything is going to be alright, because to me, safety is paramount!









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