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FeedXL Horse Nutrition Software Online

What is FeedXL?

Online horse nutrition software that helps you balance your horse's diet to be sure your horse gets what it needs to breed, grow or perform.

FeedXL will help you to feed your horse what it needs.

New Prices for NZ! 

Now more flexible pricing options available. Choose from a month or a year. From 1 horse up to 30 horses. Comprehensive or standard analysis. All activity levels in all plans. Prices start at $15.

How does FeedXL work?

Tell FeedXL about your horse:

  • Age, bodyweight and current activity
  • Disease status (eg laminitis, DOD)
  • Pasture available
  • Feeds and supplements fed

Visual reports help you balance the diet.

Why use FeedXL?

  • Make better feed choices
  • Keep your horses healthy
  • Use suitable feeds for diseased horses
  • Reduce feed costs
  • Avoid poor quality feeds and supplements


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