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Fiber Fresh Feeds Ltd is a world leading producer of advanced fibre nutrition for horses. The company has developed the unique and proprietary process of Controlled Fermentation. This innovative process enables Fiber Fresh Feeds to produce a high energy moist lucerne (alfalfa) based forage feed scientifically trialed and registered as HNF Fiber®. The company has developed innovative feed solutions for horses using Controlled Fermentation technology and special vacuum sealed packaging. FiberPro®, FiberEzy®, FiberMix® and FiberSure® brand equine feeds all contain high energy HNF Fiber®. 

Fiber Fresh Feeds Ltd specialises in optimising horse digestion and performance by producing highly digestible advanced fibre feeds which have been specifically developed to suit the mono-gastric digestion of horses. We call this highly digestible and energy rich fibre [HNF Fiber®].
Scientific research, through Massey University in New Zealand, has shown that high energy moist [HNF Fiber®] provides important advantages for horses. It improves their hydration and provides high levels of slow release energy, which is critical for sustained performance. It also improves their recovery after exercise, enhances their digestion, and helps correct any digestive discomfort associated with high grain diets.
HNF Fiber® is contained in all Fiber Fresh brand horse feeds - FiberPro®, FiberEzy®, FiberMix® and FiberSure®, and is the foundation of Cornerstone Nutrition®.
Cornerstone Nutrition® recognizes that for optimum digestive tract health and to avoid the debilitating effects of digestive stress, forage fibre should make up at least 50% of every horse’s daily feed intake. A correctly prepared ration should always start with forage fibre, with other high energy feeds or balancers added, if necessary, to top up the energy and complete the ration. Only high energy HNF Fiber® allows the forage fibre content in the feed to be raised to recommended levels while providing sufficient energy to meet the energy needs of performance horses.

Watch Fiber Fresh Feeds Equine TV with Jody Hartstone, Grand Prix dressage rider and Equitation Science specialist.


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