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How Long Do They Last ?
It's tough to be a boot in the equine environment. 
Stable beds and muck heaps are full of manure and soaked in urine. These, and the constant wet will destroy your boots in a matter of months.
Most riding footwear is made to a fashion standard of about 800 hours of continuous wear and not designed to withstand such a harsh environment. That's why boots need to be replaced so frequently.
All Equitector riding boots are designed for "Hard Labour".
They are made to withstand 2500 hours of use and therefore, provided they are cared for, will last 2 to 3 times as long.
With waterproof leather and acid resistant soles, they are designed to cope with the conditions at the stables.
Hardly surprising that many Equitector wearers are still on their original pair after 2 or even 3 years of loyal service.
Equi-Rodeo after 2500 hours of intensive use.
How does it work?
Equitector's award winning Climate Control Technology is simply unique due to its insulative interior which is designed to keep your feet at body temperature whatever the weather
A heat reflective space blanket foil is sandwiched in between the Cambrelle lining and leather and also underneath the insole of the boot. (the foil illustrated is not against your foot) Your body heat is reflected back and trapped inside the boot.
Your feet will remain constantly at body temperature.
The boots prevent cold feet in temperatures as low as -25°C (-13°F) and therefore thermal or double winter socks are no longer needed.
1 Soft cotton Cambrelle for coolness 2 Porous sponge layer for air circulation 3Reflective foil for heat retention
But not just for winter...The system works equally well in hot weather. When the external (outside) temperature rises, because there is no climate change inside the riding boots, walking boots and farrier boots, the foot does not overheat and you will not get sweaty feet as you would in thermal lined boots.
The foil is heat conductive and draws heat away from the hottest points and distributes it evenly around the foot. Even if it is +35°C (100°F) outside this prevents your feet from overheating.
Tired of slipping stirrup irons?
The Easy Rider Stirrup Balance helps riders who struggle to keep their feet in the correct position in the stirrup iron.
The majority of riding boots are 'balanced' for walking rather than riding. The centre of gravity is about 4-6cm behind the ball of the foot. The problem is clear to see below.
When you put your foot flat in the stirrup tread your heels are forced up. This makes you tip forward in the saddle.
When you push your heels down your toes come up, reducing contact with the stirrup iron.  This is the cause of that irritating foot slip problem.
Equitector boots are balanced for riding and allow the rider to have full contact with the stirrup iron and a good heel position.
But how safe are our boots?
A healthy 16HH horse weighs around 500kg (1100 lbs) and this can be quite noticeable when it is on your foot.
An accident can happen in a flash of a second, often resulting in, at best a bruise and at worst broken toes. Yet a properly constructed boot with toe protection especially designed for the equestrian environment, would eliminate most of the risks.
Equitector is a pioneer in this field and in 1991 we launched our first truly safe riding boot. From the outset our safety record is unblemished. All our boots have been tested for safety by an independent accredited testing house and comply with the New Zealand safety standard for protective footwear ISO 20346.
Equitector has put a lot of research into the safety aspects and our firsthand equestrian knowledge was essential. Whilst the toe cap can withstand 1000 kilos (2200 lbs), it is on soft ground where the rider is most at risk. 
If the sole construction is insufficient in strength and rigidity, then the steel toe cap will squeeze through the sole into the soil and squash all your toes with the ceiling of the cap.
As we are horse riders, we were aware of this problem from the outset and therefore our sole construction is reinforced to eliminate this exposure.
In case of an accident on soft ground, the whole of the forepart of the boot will sink into the ground and not just the steel toe cap. The compartment that protects the foot remains intact.
Our long riding boots have two panels of strong elastic over the calf of the leg.
Depending upon the style and size of the boot, this allows 5 - 6 cm (2 - 2 ? inches) of stretch which makes the boot very comfortable and flexible.
For fitting purposes with most other brands both calf size and leg shape are important. With other brands even if you have the right width, due to the shape of your leg it still may not fit comfortably.
Not so with Equitector Multi-Fit. Within the min/max tolerance of the boot it will fit any leg shape comfortably.
This reduces the risk of an ill fit which makes the New Classic riding boot ideally suited for a mail order purchase.
Summer / Winter benefits
Often in summer riders wear thinner jodhpurs than in winter. A thicker pair of jodhpurs can add a lot to the leg, but Multi-Fit will absorb any increase or decrease in calf width.
Once past the age of 13 the foot no longer grows in length however the calf of the leg continues to grow and expand for a few more years. This makes the New Classic ideally suited to youngsters. The Multi-Fit design allows the boot to expand with growth in the calf and thereby give many years of comfort.
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