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Kohnke's Own®, the range of products manufactured by John Kohnke Products, an Australian owned and based company, provides up-to-date supplement and horse care products, as well as a wide range of free information services to the horse industry. Over the last 30 years, Dr. John Kohnke BVSc, RDA has become the most well known Australian veterinarian as an adviser on the nutrition and practical health care of horses. He provides a nutritional consultancy service to many trainers and studs, as well as owners and riders of equestrian horses.




Over the last 30 years, Dr John Kohnke has become the most well known Australian veterinarian as an adviser on the nutrition and practical health care of horses. He provides a nutritional consultancy service to many trainers and studs, as well as owners and riders of equestrian horses.

He has written and edited two major books and numerous book chapters on equine nutrition, which have become well recognised hand books for horse training, breeders, owners and veterinarians throughout the world. He has written over 2000 articles on horse feeding and health care, presented over 1800 seminars and lectured on horse nutrition to students of horse care courses.

His interest in equine nutrition and feeds has provided him with specialist knowledge in formulating dietary supplements to meet the specific needs of all types of horses.

He has now formulated an innovative range of feed supplements and horse care products, distinguished by the Kohnke's Own brand name.

The Kohnke's Own range of supplements are based on scientific formulations that will help ensure that the mineral, trace-mineral and vitamin content of your horse's diet will not be a limiting factor to its health of performance.

The nutritional range is centred around six separate cold-pressed supplement pellets, or Supplets®, an innovative, high quality nutrient dense small food pellet developed especially for the Kohnke's Own range of supplements. Each Supplet type contains specific classes of nutrients to ensure optimum stability, which are blended in different proportions relative to the nutrient needs of growing, breeding, exercising and resting horses. Separate supplements of Vitamin E, iron and salts are also available to correct specific inadequacies in the diets of horses, where necessary.

 The Supplet® system, exclusive to Kohnke's Own Products, eliminates sift-out, dust and nutrient interaction to ensure that your horses get maximum benefit!

The term "Supplet", is a new word formed from the combination of the two words, "supplement" and "pellets". Supplets® are distinctive small compressed cylindrical nutrient pellets, measuring within the range of 8-12 mm in length and 2-3 mm in diameter, formed in a cold-press pelleting machine. This method reduces heat damage to heat sensitive nutrients, such as vitamins.

Potency and palatability assured, Supplets® were developed to eliminate dust, sift out and food refusal often associated with feed supplements in both powder and granule form. They resist crumbling and are formulated to be highly palatable to horses.suppbanner3.jpg - 32575 Bytes

White Supplet® - Major Minerals
Brown Supplet® - Essential Trace-Minerals
Golden-Yellow Supplet® - Vitamin Co-factors
Black Supplet® - Iron and Co-factors
Red Supplet® - Yeast Culture with vitamin E and vitamin C
Pink Supplet® - Vitamin E and Organic Selenium


whitesupplet.jpg - 1055 Bytes Supplet® One (White Supplets® ) Major Minerals
These distinctive Supplets contain calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, with complementary amounts of vitamin A and D to facilitate their uptake. They are formulated to correct shortfalls and natural imbalances of calcium and major bone minerals in grain and hay based feeds to growing, breeding, horses in training and resting horses.
brownsupplet.jpg - 1468 Bytes Supplet® Two (Brown Supplets® ) - Essential Trace-minerals
These innovative Supplets are packed with a full range of essential trace-minerals, including selenium and chromium, in both organic "chelated" or protein complexed forms, for optimum trace-mineral uptake and utilisation. They are formulated to the latest research based recommendations for all classes of horses to correct low or inadequate levels in the rations of all horses.
yellowsupplet.jpg - 19906 Bytes Supplet® Three (Golden-Yellow Supplets® ) - Vitamin Co-factors
These attractive Supplets contain the latest scientifically recommended levels of all the essential fat soluble and water soluble vitamins. An adequate intake of vitamins is vital for metabolic function, the appetite and general well-being. Theses Supplets help to meet the specific vitamin needs where accelerated loss of vitamins in feeds occurs following harvest, processing, storage and interaction within ready-mixed dampened sweet feeds.
blacksupplet.jpg - 19709 Bytes Supplet® Four (Black Supplets® ) - Iron and Co-factors 
Although Supplet Two contains 3 forms of iron as one of its trace-minerals, some horses on high graining diets may benefit from additional iron to meet their specific needs in early training. These Supplets contain 3 forms of iron, as well as complementary Vitamin C to assist the uptake of the iron, Vitamin B12, and folic acid to ensure optimum utilisation as it makes up shortfalls in the diet.
redsupplet.jpg - 20139 Bytes Supplet® Five (Red Supplets® ) - Live Yeast Culture
These highly palatable Supplets are compounded using a yeast culture as a natural source of nutrients used in digestion, with additional vitamin E and vitamin C, to correct low levels in the diet of horses in hard training.
pinksupplet.jpg - 20117 Bytes Supplet® Six (Pink Supplets® ) - Vitamin E and Organic Selenium
A pink vegetable colour is used to colour code this Supplet pellet, containing vitamin E, organic selenium, vitamin B1 and magnesium formulated to boost these essential nutrients in order to meet the needs of horses where exercise needs for vitamin E and selenium are higher than that provided in other supplet blends - especially racing, harness and endurance horses, or to correct low feed levels of selenium in areas where the soils and the pasture, hay or grain produced, are low in selenium.


Maintaining nutrient potency…
The separation of each of the nutrient classes into a specific Supplet reduces the risk of the destructive interactions that affect the stability and potency of many important nutrients. These include the interaction of iron, copper and zinc with the vitamins A, D and Vitamin E. Even choline chloride, which is considered to be a B-group vitamin, is included in the trace-mineral Supplet® , rather than the vitamin Supplet® , because it can have a destructive effect on vitamins during storage. Natural anti-oxidants are included to further protect vitamins from deterioration during storage.

Innovative packaging…
The Supplet blends, and selected other Kohnke's Own supplements, that are sensitive to humid conditions, are packed to maintain optimum freshness, potency and acceptance.

Distinctive "Cell" range…
The Kohnke's Own range also has a distinctive range name. The Kohnke's Own range of products carry the "Cell" theme in their name to reflect the importance of cellular nutrition to ensure optimum performance, vitality and health.

 The patented Supplet® pellets are innovative nutritional supplement blends formulated specifically for each type of horse giving accurate supplementation to save you money!