Lillian Bonner DVM l Veterinary Acupuncture l Equine Specialist Vet
Equine Specialist Vet and Veterinary Acupuncturist, Canterbury

Lillian Bonner is an integrative veterinarian focusing on equine medicine, based in Christchurch.  Veterinary Acupuncture practitioner. Lillian specialises in working with horses and has a rapidly growing companion animal practice. 

She runs a veterinary practice that provides an integrated approach to diagnosis and therapy which encompasses both western and eastern veterinary techniques.  

She practices TCVM (which is veterinary acupuncture, herbs, tui-na) and Reiki integrated into conventional western veterinary therapy.

Lillian grew up around horses.  During her teenage years she was exposed to techniques in horsemanship which are now referred to as “Natural Horsemanship.” Lillian became involved with conventional horsemanship while managing a horse farm for a family who owned high level show jumpers, show hunters, and racehorses.  

During her years of study Lillian worked at equine referral hospitals spending time in and out of surgery, taking care of postoperative and medicine cases, and sleeping with foals in the neonatal ICU.  

She owned a business specializing in agistment and starting of racehorses (gallopers and steeplechasers) and preparing and consigning sport horses including show jumpers, show hunters, dressage, and fox hunting horses. During this time Lillian began to successfully rehabilitate injured horses and those with long term lameness issues. 


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