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About Limelight Photography

>I have been surrounded by art and photography for as long as I can remember. My mother, an art teacher who also taught photography, has been a big influence in my life. But I also have early (and sometimes not so fond) memories of my father taking family photos. Usually, by the time he had positioned us and had done numerous checks with a light meter, the black and white photo usually showed a daughter, lower lip protruding and scowling through her fringe. I am now much more at home on the other side of a camera!

> I have had no formal photography training, but am lucky enough to have inherited artistic genes. I have always had an eye and flair for design and composition - even in day to day life, I sometimes subconsciously look around and see things as if I am looking through my camera's view finder. It is not often you get to do two things you love at the same time, and even more unique is how my photography career started. It was on the hunt field, that my foray into professional photography began.

>I have a wonderful, trusty hunter called "Mustang Sally" and while riding her, I take photos of people in the field, jumping everything that they jump. She allows me to be in the right place at the right time to get those special shots. I am by no means an expert rider, but holding a camera in one hand and jumping, has certainly improved my balance! So, after purchasing more equipment, my partner Brian and I progressed to other equestrian events including show jumping, rodeos, polo and polocrosse, just to name a few. At these events, with a laptop and printer, our horse truck quickly converted to an on site photo lab, and was often filled to overflowing with riders keen to check out their photos.

>We saw the need to offer the photos online so people could view and purchase them in the comfort of their own homes. Initially we enlisted the services and experience of Findapic, but we now feel the time is right to leave the comfort of the "nest" and venture forward on our own.

>Why 'Limelight' Photography...? When I had to think about a name for my business, I thought about when the focus is on someone - when they are in the 'limelight', so 'Limelight Photography' it is!

>I hope you enjoy browsing the site as much as I have enjoyed taking the photos.


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