Matawhio Sporthorses Ltd

Breeder and producer of the highest quality young sporthorses;breaking in, re educating or just extending the education of clients' horses whether for hunting or showjumping.Furthering the technical education of showjumping riders and evaluating the training needs of their horses.

William Willis is a well-known senior level Showjumping rider. He has just returned from another extended period of  professional training in Europe at the hands of some of Europe's best trainers where not only his  riding skills were honed but he learned to produce valuable warm blood horses for the professional and amateur markets.William can produce hunters or showjumpers to any level and commensurate with a client's needs,budget and their horse's ability. He will always advise and recommend a program that suits the circumstances and a free appraisal of horse/client's needs is offered. William is available to teach the more technical aspects of showjumping either at Matawhio's premises or elsewhere if desired.

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