Mill Creek Branch
Mill Creek is situated on Trevors Road near the Ashburton River
Ph 03 3036179

Mill Creek is situated on Trevors Road near the Ashburton River. The grounds are leased from the District Council and the branch has made big improvements in the last few years, adding a 60X40 sand arena which is ideal to use for young riders who don't yet have control of there mounts. Jumps of all kinds are scattered around the grounds.

Rallies are the second Sunday of each month commencing at 10 a.m.. When daylight saving comes extra rallies are held fortnightly in the evenings commencing at 4.30 p.m.

Most members seem to enjoy Pony Club with a number keen to compete in Dressage and Showing Days.

A Show in February and a Dressage/ Show Hunter Day in August are the days organised by Mill Creek as Fundraising to help keeps Subscriptions at a level which is attainable for all.

We welcome riders of all levels to our Branch as well as anyone that is interested in Instructing or just helping in anyway

President: David Fisher - 03 308 5926
Secretary: Sue Rankin - 03 3036179
Treasurer: Jan Clucas - 033036342
Rally Coordinator: Joint: Susan Harvey - 03 3081192
Rally Coordinator: Joint: Sharon Martin - 033029188
Event Secretary: Helen-Anne McClay - 03 3082370

Phone: 03 3036179
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