Mill Creek Stables

Mill Creek stables offers Breaking in using Natural Horsemanship techniques, so you have a settled, responsive horse to work to the discipline you require. this process takes anywhere between 4 - 6 weeks and you can expect your horse to be able to do basic flat work, moving independantly on the forehand and confidently going over cavaletti. We also include worming and hoof trimming during this time.

We also break in and pre-train thoroughbred race horses, having already trained 3 winners on the track.

If you have young horses that need weaned and ground handling, we can do this for you over a 2 week course. They will be able to be covered, groomed and have their feet done.

If you are having problems with your horse, misbehaving or just not responding as you would like we can work one on one with you and your horse to smooth out the problems.

We also have grazing available with use of the facilities.


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