HR Fisken
MoonFeather Studios

I am an Artist based in New Zeland, who specialises in fantasy art, mostly based around Equines.

Want your beloved companion depicted as a Unicorn, a Pegasus? Have Butterfly wings, or a long ethereal mane and tail?

Then I'm the person for you!

I draw in a stylized form, a mixture between realistic and semi animation-looking. I can do equines in a variety of poses, from bucking and rearing, to still and composed, to regal and proud.

I work in coloured pencil and 110gsm A4 paper, though can produce a larger more A3 sized painting.

The paper works have no background, whereas the paintings do, from bubbles to forests to any fantasy setting realy, done in a basic impressionist style not to ditract from the main foccus, which is your beloved Equine.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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