National Saddle Centre
National Saddle Centre provides a full saddle fitting service, from design and fitting to problem solving
Ph +64 9 423 0025 (Head Office)

National Saddle Centre provides a full saddle fitting service from design and fitting to problem solving.

Both Katie Harrowell, covering the North Island and Sean Pope, covering the South Island are Society of Master Saddlers qualified saddle fitters.   Katie has a BSc in Equine Science and is also a Master Saddler, and Sean is a fully trained saddler with the Household Cavalry.

We offer qualified saddle fitting and advice at your place or ours.

Our range of saddles offer you the best solution for the horse and rider.

Our major strength comes from understanding, as scientifically as we can, that not all saddles will fit all horses.  The horse has several dimensions including its movement, and some trees and panels are more suitable for certain breeds and shapes, and absolutely essential when problems are encountered or a standard of excellence is required.

Offering a full saddle fitting and alteration service to ALL makes of saddle, not just NSC Saddles, to provide you with the best fitting saddle possible for you and your horse.

The most obvious time people call a saddle fitter is if they require a new saddle if they are starting a new discipline or have a new horse for example. But what about if you already have a horse and a saddle?  Do you ever have a little bit of doubt in the back of your mind that something is not as it should be?  The indicator signs that your saddle may need checking can be something small. For example, your horse has been gradually decreasing his stride length, or he has recently been clipping the top rail when jumping, something he has never done before.  Alternatively the signs could be something much greater- bucking, rearing, trying to bite when being tacked up.  We shouldn't always put these changes down to the horse being difficult, he may be trying to tell you something.

NSC are now able to offer a full service allowing you to either have a new saddle fully fitted and adjusted to you and your horse, or to have your current saddle checked and any possible alterations made to allow you and your horse to ride in comfort and to the best of your abilities.

National Saddle Centre  (NSC) saddles offer:

•             Best English leather

•             English laminated wooden spring trees

•             Flocked by hand with wool

•             Different tree and panel profiles to suit both rider and horse

•             Finance available

•             Dressage

•             Jumping

•             General Purpose

•             Hunting


Head Office and General Enquiries
National Saddle Centre NZ
Josephine Giles Dancy
Ph 09 423 0025


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Katie Harrowell
Ph 021 5000 75
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Show Jump Shows
Ana Rattray
Ph 09 232 7869
Mob 021 929 833
VW Dressage Clinics
Vanessa Way
Ph 06 752 7355
Mob 0273 444 755
Vanessa is one of the foremost dressage riders in NZ to-day as well as a superb coach to many of the countries top riders.. Her eye for balance and the support that a saddle can give a rider are invaluable vanessa.jpg
South Island
Sean Pope
Ph 03 312 2013
Mob 0274 225716
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Location: Nationwide
Phone: +64 9 423 0025 (Head Office)
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