Natural Hoof

Natural Hoof Trimming

The importance of a balanced hoof shape that is based on the natural hoof in the wild and years of scientific research, for enhanced performance over all terrain, and/or healing of common hoof problems. Qualified and experienced hoof trimmer since 2000, case studies available upon request (see Natural Trimming Brochure attached).

Natural Environment

Information about how to provide a natural environment that will enhance your horse's health and wellbeing.

Natural Nutrition

Important research into the horse's diet, minerals, herbs, essences and homeopathics.

Natural Riding and Tack

Riding gear that enhances performance and will not harm the horse; and classic riding styles that are sympathetic to the horses anatomy and physiology.

Natural Hoof Articles

A selection of many articles about the barefoot method, bitless bridles, problem cases, donkeys, shetlands, nutrition etc

Online Shop

Bitless Bridles, Hoof Boots, Equine Herbals, Homeopathics, Natural Minerals/Seaweed, Trimming Gear, Books, Videos, etc



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