North Shore Branch
North Shore Branch joined Waitemata District Pony Club in 1953.
President: Maj DePoorter - 09 4730917
Karen Kay - 09 4242841
Karen Le Roux - 09 4734124

North Shore Branch joined Waitemata District Pony Club in 1953.

The forming of a Pony Club within the membership of the North Shore Riding Club Inc. took strong lobbying and it was mainly thanks to Pat Dalrymple (nee Robson), that it got off the ground.

Since then the Pony Club has had the use of the Riding Club facilities, a relationship lasting over 50 years.

The main driving force in the late fifties and into the early seventies was Joan Beavan. Joan organised riding courses with Elaine Knox-Thompson and Suzanne Dickens annually and also set up an annual Pony Club exchange with Cowra Pony Club in NSW, Australia.

Over the years North Shore has hosted Instructors Courses, InterPacific Selections, Area Trials (in the Sunset Road days) and Mercer Cup competitions. The Mercer family were strong supporters of both North Shore Riding Club and North Shore Branch during the Sunset Road days and it was during this period that that Mercer Cup competition was initiated.

From the ranks of North Shore members Roy Barclay was Waitemata Rodney Area Delegate to NZPCA from the Area formation in 1968 and held the position of NZPCA Vice President 1977, 1978, 1979. He was Waitemata Rodney Horse Trials Team Manager 1969, 1970, 1971.

North Shore have also provided support to Area in the form of cooks to Horse Trial Champs Team (Carol Whaley, Joan Herbert), Area Dressage Champs Managers (Jeannie Morton, Carol Whaley, Anna Morton), Area Treasurer 1983  2005 (Carol Whaley).

Riders from North Shore Branch to NZPCA Horse Trial Champs:
1969 Peter Neville (Hylite) & Belinda Barclay (Falcon). It was the first time Waitemata Rodney sent a team to Champs (previously we were part of Auckland Area) and the team won 1st overall.
1970 Peter Neville(Hylite) & Belinda Barclay (Falcon)
1971 Merilyn Chambers (Jack-A-Dandy)
1972 Jennifer Richardson (Aristakhan)
1974 Charles Cable (Cromwell) & Rosemary Barclay (Cardinal)
1975 Charles Cable (Kilternanin), team placed 2nd overall
1976 Susan Herbert (Kestrel) who was 4th overall A1, team placed 2nd overall
1977 Susan Herbert (Kestrel) who was 5th overall A1
1981 LoriAdams (Swinyul)
1982 Lori Adams (Swinyul) & Catherine McCarthy (Endeavour)
1983 Catherine McCarthy (Endeavour)(Team Captain) & Erica Schultz (Inflation) who was 3rd overall DC
1984 Michelle Lansdowne (Eclipse) & Eric Schultz (Inflation)
1990 Kylie Mair (Golden Crumpet)
1991 Coral Morrison (Zen)
1992 Kylie Mair (Golden Crumpet)

North Shore riders to NZPCA Dressage Champs:
Coral Morrison (Zen) 1990, 1991
Anna Morton (Wetherby Elijah) 1990, 1991 (Team Captain), 1992
Kate Subritsky (First Glance) 1998
H Cert Anna Morton (1991)
A Cert Anna Morton (1992)

Team to Golden Games 1995

North Shore
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