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Prebbleton Riding School offers great value riding lessons for beginners and intermediate riders of all ages. We have miniature ponies for the smallest children. Our lessons are fun-filled and crammed with interesting and useful information. Students participate in a unique badge system which maximises learning with maximum fun. Students also get the opportunity to compete in horse shows and receive a newsletter each term packed full of horsey information and important dates/upcoming events.


Prebbleton Riding School is happy to host your horsey party! Our parties are customied to each person’s needs. Sample parties are:                                                                                                                     

#Under 6yrs: rides on a miniature pony, brushing miniature ponies and horse and gig rides.                

#7 – 10yrs: leading and brushing miniature ponies, rides on a horse or horse and gig rides.             

#11+yrs: leading miniature ponies over jumps (mock show jumping competition), horse riding or horse and gig driving.

Price is $50 an hour for up to 10 children (more than 10 will attract a surcharge).


Prebbleton Riding School’s Horses:


She was gifted to me just over a year ago as a broodmare. I broke her to saddle and have taught her everything she knows now under saddle including working on the bit, turning on the forehand, jumping etc. She is great with beginners and nervous riders but if you are ready to jump and gallop she will give you the best ride you have ever had!


She is a 9hh miniature pony. Rosie loves children and can be trusted with the youngest rider. She is a super jumper, happily clearing large jumps easily. She is a real sweetheart and never barges, bites, bolts, bucks etc.


She is our smallest pony, currently measuring around 6hh. She is too small and too young to be ridden (she is two years old) but she enjoys jumping and eating. I have recently started teaching her tricks, and as you can see from our video she has learnt to rear on command in one lesson! She is currently learning how to bow but is very cheeky and frequently pulls cell phones, tissues etc from pockets.


She is Ruby’s half sister and was attacked by a dog (at her breeder’s place) so she is quite sensitive. She loves jumping and enjoys competing in mock show jumping competitions on the lead.


How Prebbleton Riding School started:

When I was around 5 years old I got really bad eczema (I was one of the worst cases in Christchurch). I was covered in blood morning and night. In fact, it was so bad I was hospitalized for a week and I had full body bandages put on every night. My parents thought I was going to die.

However, at around age 8 when my eczema was at its worst, the doctor prescribed RDA (riding for the disabled) as my eczema was so bad it counted as a disability. I went to RDA for a year, it was great, the horses really helped me and the little dose of horses I had in my one hour a week helped me live through the rest of the week. When I think about it now, if it hadn’t been for those horses, I probably would have died.

When my year at RDA finished, we prayed to God for another horse riding opportunity and then in church the lady sitting in front of us (who we did not even know) asked which one of us was horse mad! It turned out that she grazed her horse with a pony club instructor and this pony club instructor had a lease pony that needed riding. So I came and rode her pony Panache for two years, and then when I was 11, my parents took me to see this man who prayed for people in the name of Jesus. He prayed for me and nothing happened. He put me onto his prayer chain and overnight my eczema was gone, even all the scarring the doctors said would be permanent was completely gone!

When I outgrew Panache, the pony club instructor, Judith very kindly leased a horse, Titch for me to ride. I rode Titch for one year before a very kind old man gave me my first horse, Millie. I broke her to saddle myself and opened my riding school to fund her keep as horses are expensive.

My one horse business grew and soon I could afford another horse so I got Ruby and Bella, two very cute American miniature ponies on free lease. Next thing you know I have another horse, Rosie!

When I first had Millie I rode her bareback until I could afford a saddle and I jumped her over sticks from the beach until I could afford two PVC pipes. Keeping horses is expensive and will always require a commitment of time and money but I am just so glad that God has blessed me with my own horses, enough money to pay for them and healed my skin.

So that’s my story, and that is how come I have horses today.






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