Cushionride Horse Arena Surfaces
For equestrian arena surfaces - Cushionride® gives you a better ride
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  • All-weather equestrian surfaces: made from a quality wood fibre, Cushionride® is manufactured to a high technical specification making it a great choice for arena surfaces in all weathers. 

  • All-year-round performance: Cushionride® doesn’t retain moisture, so it can’t freeze and puddles aren’t an issue for your horse arena surface either. 

  • Impact absorption: the special load-bearing woodchip allows horses to travel “over” this surface, rather than “through” it. This means that Cushionride ® equestrian surfaces minimise joint damage and trauma to the hocks, knees and lower legs. 

  • Less down-time: if you’re competing regularly with your horse, it often needs a few days to recover from the trauma to its joints. Yet with Cushionride ® , you’ll notice that your horse will need considerably less down-time, as there’s little or no trauma to its joints. 

  • Dust-free and stone-free: riding on Cushionride ® is more enjoyable for you – and for your horse! 

  • Versatile: Cushionride can even be used on top of your existing horse arena surface if you wish to improve the current facilities. 

  • Secure footing: the unique load-bearing wood-chips provide a very secure footing for horses, therefore giving you a great ride. 

Cushionride provides a quality all weather arena surface, it doesn’t retain moisture and is virtually dust free.

Sponsors of the Manukau dressage group, Cushionride by Reharvest Timber is a true favourite with dressage enthusiasts.

Cushionride® is ideal for all of the following equestrian disciplines:

  • Dressage 

  • Show jumping

  • Trotting 

  • Racing 

  • Polo

Cushionride ® is a great choice for the following equestrian surfaces: 

  • Horse riding arenas

  • Gallops

  • Horse walkers

  • Breeding sheds

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Cushionride by Reharvest Timber  

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