Saddles 4 You
High Quality PreOwned Saddles
Top Branded used saddles at a fraction of the cost, with experienced fitting tips & advice

Do you have a saddle to sell? Due to high demand we require Good GP & Jumping saddles to sell on your behalf. Contact us for more info!

Purchasing your horses most important piece of saddlery can be difficult, time consuming and expensive. So if you're looking for a new saddle or a saddle for a new horse, then please keep reading!

SADDLE4YOU brings a new concept to you in supplying reasonably priced quality pre-owned saddles with accurate genuine descriptions.


Whatever saddle you are looking for - the ultimate dressage saddle, the best close contact saddle or general purpose saddle the most important ingredients are quality & fit.

That is why Saddle4You will only offer our customers the best Internationally renowned brands such as Albion, Jaguar, Harry Dabbs, Barnsby, Amerigo, John Whitaker, Bates, Wintec, Jeffries, Ideal, Prestige & more.

We will also stock for all disciplines Dressage, Jumping, Cross Country, Showing & General Purpose & if we dont have what you want, we can source it for your budget.

We can also offer advice on fitting saddles from our experienced saddle fitter & always give accurate saddle measurements with each saddle.  Every horse deserves the most important part of their saddlery to be quality leather on a well manufactured saddle tree.


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