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Safety Breed Foaling Alarm System

Safety Breed Foaling Alarm System.

We have developed the Safety Breed Foaling Alarm System over a considerable number of years. You may be interested to know that we invented and patented this device, first testing it back in the late 1970's, early 1980's. Various other companies have attempted to copy the system by providing less sophisticated systems at the expense of reliability. Now in the year 2009 our product includes such systems as Digital muting and triple error checking to provide unsurpassed reliability and virtually interference free transmission.

Typical range of this system is approximately 300 metres depending on conditions and the receiver aerial. If an external aerial is connected to the receiver the range can be extended up to 400 metres.

Any amount of Transmitters can be used with the one receiver unit. This means that you can monitor any number of mares at once with the one receiver unit. If required, your system can be reprogrammed with your own digital code to prevent triggering from a neighboring system. The receiver can have an Auto-Dialer connected as an additional feature if required for super long distance monitoring.

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