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Simply Equine Ltd

Simply Equine is a New Zealand owned and operated company specialising in importing only the best horse products available on the international market.

We are the EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTORS of the amazing range of Leather Therapy, Healing Tree, Hoof Wraps and WhipWatch Products.


Leather Therapy - Makes Leather Behave...Beautifully.

Strong, reliable, award winning products born from the need to maintain and care for all types of leather goods - and always with the safety of the consumer and our Earth as paramount concerns.

Independant test show that when using Leather Wash and Leather Restorer & Conditioner it increases leather strength by 36%

Healing Tree - Naturally Superior Products - Veterinary Formulated.

Healing Tree Products are the first to perfect the science of combining proven naturopathic ingredients and remedies with powerful pharmaceutical agents. The synergism resulting from these carefully formulated combinations has created the next generation of equine health care products that are unique and highly effective, exemplifying the Healing Tree motto: Naturally Superior Products!


Hoof Wraps - Hoof Care Made Easy

If you've ever cursed duct tape, despaired at how quickly Vetrap wears through on a hoof, or kicked yourself for not having a backup system in place for lost shoes, the Hoof Wraps Equine Hoof Bandage is for you.

The innovative design allows it the flexibility to be used in a variety of ways. Use with items you already have like poultice, vet wrap, medicated pads, and topical solution.

This bandage is the quick fix for sore hooves and fits most sizes (00-2).  A must for every first aid kit!


Whipwatch - Real Time/Stopwatch/Countdown/Alarm

Revolutionary Riding Crop Provides At-A-Glance Real Time, Stop Watch, and Countdown Features for Interval Training, Eventing, Trail Riding, and Jumping

WhipWatch combines a quality Irish whip with an easy-read digital watch to provide accurate timing of any equestrian sport or training activity. The custom module (timer) incorporates stopwatch and programmable countdown features, in addition to real time and an alarm.


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