Steel Interlock Sheds
S.I.S. Steel Interlock Sheds supply garages, sheds, carports, farm buildings, aircraft hangars and light commercial buildings that are more easily assembled, compared to other conventional steel building construction methods, it will save you time and money

Steel Interlock Sheds combine the strength of steel with the patented VersaTube (tm) "Slip-Fit" design. The S.I.S. steel framing system means you can quickly and easily construct metal workshops, garages, storage buildings and warehouses with spans up to 16 meters. Plus all our buildings are EXPANDABLE and RELOCATABLE so you can take your shed with you, or make it larger as circumstances permit.
S.I.S. Steel Interlock Sheds are available in a wide range of colors, lengths, widths and heights utilizing 75x50 and 100x50 steel tube framing. The rectangular steel tubing also extremely simplifies the interior lining and fit out process.
Steel Interlock Sheds are based in the Silverdale Business Park and can supply and install nationwide.

Steel Interlock Sheds Horse Stables
Your horses are more than just an investment. Their comfort and safety is our top priority, so when it comes to protecting them from the elements, not just any barn will do.

Our 3.6 meter by 3.6 meter stables are roomy and comfortable for the vast majority of horses. However, for your stallion or foaling requirements, the stall divider walls are easily relocated to create a 7.2 meter long stable.

We use tongue and groove timber (no gaps) to produce very strong stable walls to a height of 2.1 meters.

Edge protectors are fitted to prevent your horse from cribbing or chewing the wood.

Our boredom grill, built into the stall dividers, ensures good ventilation and lets your horses socialize without the risk of receiving the odd bite.

Your horses are able to interact through the feeder grill in the front wall of the stable.


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