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Steelgal Industries Arena Lighting
Arena lighting experts. For exterior, commercial and outdoor lighting, ideal for horse arenas and any exterior application.

Founded in 1992 Steelgal Industries provides a versatile flexible approach and answer to the manufacture and supply of exterior lighting columns, satisfying client exterior lighting needs throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Steelgal Industries manufacture exterior lighting poles and lighting fixtures, one offs to hundreds off to match either purpose design specifications, or generic standard specification.

No exterior lighting project is too small or large for Steelgal Industries. Encompassing the full spectrum of Columns from the traditional Octagonal Tapered Steel ranging through Steel, Round Tapered, Rectangular, Square, Tubular. These options allow a widespread variety of lighting fixture choices permitting each project to incorporate a unique concept commensurate with the developers concept. All product is hot dip galvanized, with a range of external paint or powder coated surface treatments.

Decorative Poles
Octagonal Street Lighting Poles
Flood Lighting poles
CCTV Camera Poles
Traffic Light Poles
Communication Towers
Lighting Arrestor Poles
Transmission Towers
Pedestrian Crossing Poles
Guardrail (Armco) Safety Barrier
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