The Healthy Salt Company
Salt Licks - Your animals will love it and they know best

Premium 100% natural Himalayan salt with 84 minerals and trace elements your animal needs. 

Use for horse, dairy & sheep. Your animal will love it and they know best.

salt lick 2

Farmers understand that “nutrition in balance” is the key to successful production.

They also know that our animals miss out on vital minerals and trace elements because our soilsin New Zealand are lacking in them. Just foraging on ground cover is not enough for livestock to take in the essential micronutrients they need for health and well being.

As a natural preventative supplement, The Healthy Salt Companies Salt Blocks are an excellent source of vital minerals and trace elements. They are extremely beneficial in keeping livestock healthy and productive.

The Healthy Salt Companies Salt Blocks are a completely natural product. They are the world’s cleanest source of raw, pure natural salt.

  • Trust your animal’s instinct
  • Free choice, they “lick it as they need it”
  • Natural electrolytes for Balance
  • Chemical free, no sweeteners
  • Encourages Water Intake
  • Durable and Rain Tolerant
  • Easy to hang, easy to handle
  • Biogrow certified for use in organic farming.
  • Rock hard, it can only be licked rather than bitten.
  • Low wastage.

Our salt licks come as a convenient Salt on a rope, shown above, & several block sizes ranging in weight. We also supply full size rocks by the ton & 1/2 ton

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