NPC Health
The Natural Product Company Ltd - For quality nutritional supplements, topical care & first aid to specialised performance products. Offering unbeatable value, great prices and nationwide delivery service. Outlet shop open to the public. Qualified industrial chemist onsite for technical advice.

Nutritional supplements, topical care, general care, performance care and veterinary wraps.

We have a nationwide cliental and are known for quality products at great prices. Prompt service and advice with a qualified chemist on site. Nationwide delivery.
Some of our nutritional supplements include Mag-Eze® a popular calming and very effective magnesium/vitamin B1 supplement for stressed or anxious horses. Mag-Eze® is often used to help horses relax, is nil swab and ideal for training, competing or travelling. It is also worthwhile when the grass is rich helping to maintain steady magnesium levels.
Other quality nutritional supplements in our range are Glucos-2-Flex® - a unique 100 mesh glucosamine product for fast assimilation and better absorption for joints. Hydra-flex HA® and Hydra-flex HA Joint Plus® offer premium performance care for horses subject to joint stress. Hydra-flex HA joint Plus® is especially designed for high performance competition horses and is nil swab under FEI rules.
Other  products include topical rubs such as Arnica and Peppermint cool N Firm gel for after exercise and muscle rub for tight muscles to  ointments for minor cuts and abrasions and various veterinary wraps for leg and hoof injuries.



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