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Be sure to come to see us at the Straw Warehouse for all of your stock food, hay, straw, haylage, stock feed, grains and meals.

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We are a locally owned and operated business based in Cambridge, the heart of the Waikato, North Island, New Zealand.

Here at The Straw Warehouse we provide a wide range of stockfeed and feed for your horse all under the one roof - scroll down to see our current great specials.

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We produce our own meal range, including calf, horse, sheep, goat and poultry mixes using all grain products. Try some of our meals to see the difference in your animals.

We also have an excellent supply of Hay and Straw in the retail store.

We supply and deliver Hay, Straw and grain, bagged and bulk,  to farmers and lifestyle block owners.

We cater for all farmers, stud owners, equestrian and smaller lifestyle blocks.

At the Straw Warehouse we guarantee our product and offer exceptional service and quality.

We have a unique under cover drive-in facility for cars, horsefloats, trucks and trailers. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help with any queries that you may have regarding your feed requirements. We also provide excellent service for collection; large, small and part loads.

Here at our store we provide excellent service for collection, large, small and part loads of Hay, Straw and Haylage.


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Have a look at our Location Map to find us. The retail store is open for sales:

Monday - Friday:   
7:30am - 5:00pm
8:00am - midday

Products for Horses

We've developed a great range of feed for horses - these mixes are manufactured specifically for us, so you won't find it anywhere else. For more information on other horse feed and Straw Warehouse products, please click here to view our price list.
Horse Maintenance Mix
An all year round, high protein product, with oats and chaff complimenting the mix.

The ideal mix for your horse on a short spell period. Retention of oats in this mix will bring your horse up to optimum performance quickly.

Similar to Horse Maintenance mix, with a higher fat content. No oats. Great for pony to thoroughbred.

Quality grains and cereals, with added oils for weight gain. Designed for young horses in light work.

Broodmare Weanling
Good for both Mare and Foal. Two jobs in one. Contains essential vitamins and minerals for pregnant mares.

Yearling Mix 
All year round feed for your teenage horse. Get up and go, without the heat.

Maize/ Barley / Peas (with Oil & Molasses)
The ultimate in feed and economics.In the context of health and growth, this stuff is rocket fuel.



Baby Horse with Mother


Horse Race


Mare and Foal

Click here for more information on grains and meals available at The Straw Warehouse. For a complete list of all our products please visit us or click here for an updated list.


You can also use your Farmlands or RD1 card at The Straw Warehouse, we accept both.





Brown Top grass has long been the scourge of many dairy farmers, as it takes a long time to digest, is high in fiber and low in nutrition.

I already hear you saying "what’s wrong with that?", and for your horse it may be perfect.  For horses prone to laminitis, obesity or “fizziness” Brown Top Hay can be a great help.  It has no endophytes on the stem, no ‘heat’ in the grass and is nearly all fibre, meaning horses can eat large quantities with little or no reaction.

The only problem can be getting good quality Brown Top Hay but this year there is a good supply at The Straw Warehouse, Cambridge.


Location: 75 Victoria Road
Cambridge, NZ
Phone: 07 827 0105
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