The NZ Equine IndustryTraining Organisation Inc

New Zealand Equine Industry Training Organisation

The NZ Equine Industry Training Organisation services and facilitates training incorporating the breeding, thoroughbred and harness racing (includes racing facility administration and maintenance) farriery, equestrian sport and recreation. Recently the EqITOs coverage was extended to include Greyhound Racing and Racing Broadcasting.

The EqITO works with industry and Providers to develop unit standards and national qualifications that reflect the skills and knowledge required of a competent person seeking a career within the horse industry.

The EqITO is responsible for the Equine Industry Training Scheme (incorporating modern apprenticeships) which involves the training options below. The EqITO also works with government agencies and administers a training subsidy for employed trainees registered in the Industry Training Scheme. The scheme is administered on a day to day basis by member industry organisations.
Training programmes lead to national qualification in the following sectors:

- Thoroughbred Racing
- Thoroughbred Breeding
- Sport Horse
- Stable Practice with Strands
- Breeding
- Farrier

- Harness Racing
- Racecourse Manager
- Racing
- Stable Manager
- Kennel Hand


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