Trisha Wren - Connect With Your Horse
Teaching horses and riders body awareness and self carriage, to improve your performance and enjoyment.

Trisha is an Equidays 2013 Clinician

Do you want to achieve a better Connection with your horse, and improve his softness, attention, balance, self-carriage and performance potential?  Connected Riding is a holistic approach to classical riding principles, which provides you with an awareness of body and movement that empowers you to move in harmony with your horse.  It provides the basis for all higher level movements and can be applied to all riding disciplines.

Connected Riding comprises groundwork – teaching your horse how to release tension, shift weight, stretch his topline and come through from behind; rider position (finding ‘neutral’); and biomechanical use of the body while riding, allowing ease and freedom of movement. 

Regular clinics and lesson days throughout New Zealand and Australia. 

Private lessons at my place or yours.

Get a group together in your area for a clinic; max 9 riders, very intensive, plenty of personal attention.

Monthly lesson days, currently Cambridge, Tauranga and Auckland – arrange one in your area.

Evening lecture/demo’s – packed full of ‘people’ exercises, so you can really feel what rider position, rein use, and body use feel like to your horse.

Come for a Residential Intensive; immerse yourself in Connection! 

Starting, rehabilitation, schooling – let me teach your horse softness, balance and self-carriage so that he can carry himself and you.

Also available:

Equine Touch (Practitioner)

TTEAM / TTouch (Practitioner)

Emotional Freedom Technique (Practitioner) - permanently remove the negative emotions that are affecting you or holding you back!  See my website for testimonials from happy clients.

Equine Touch sessions, happy to travel. 

Firstly a very specific body balancing foundation address is applied to the whole body. What is applied to one side is repeated on the other, utilizing the "blue print" effect. Additional, specific Area of Concern addresses can be later applied; to have a greater chance of success in encouraging longer lasting changes when applied to this balanced and relaxed body. These areas are chosen according to tissue response and the horse’s reaction to our touch.

By addressing the meridian pathways, together with muscles and fascia, The Equine Touch crosses the line between physical bodywork and an energy modality. It can have the effect of inducing deep relaxation, releasing hypertonic and traumatized muscles, improving muscle tone, encouraging recovery from injury and muscle atrophy, reducing the pain spiral and assisting in detoxification and lymphatic drainage by increasing circulation. The horse’s awareness is changed and it is encouraged to rebalance not only physically, but emotionally for deep relaxation also encourages the autonomic nervous system to drop toward repair and renewal. Energy blockages and unwanted structures appear to dissolve as the flow of Ki is stimulated through the meridians. This allows the equine to tap into its own innate healing ability and to allow it to work to its maximum potential. 

While having the unique ability to stand on its own as a positive corrective system at all levels, one of the most valuable assets of the Equine Touch is its total compatibility to work in a complementary and harmonious synergy with many recognized equine healing modalities including allopathic medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, herbs, Bach flower remedies, chiropractic and osteopathic. The Equine Touch is not only compatible with these equine therapies and styles of equine bodywork but with all types of equine address such as trimming, shoeing, saddle fitting and correction, balanced riding, training, rehabilitation and nutrition, all essential elements of influence in creating and maintaining stability and health in any horse.

The Equine Touch is a technique that invites changes rather than forcing them to happen