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Specialising in Equine and Canine therapeutics and nutraceuticals
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Who is Vetpro?

Veterinary Professional Services Ltd – Vetpro – provides a wide range of scientifically produced nutraceuticals and therapeutic products. Our products are manufactured in a NZSFA registered facility to ISO 9002  and GMP standards. We market our own supplements & therapeutic products and distribute Equifix therapeutics, Equisportz bandages & first aid products, Arctic Blast cooling therapy and Robinson’s Animal Healthcare products.

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Why Choose Vetpro?

link.gifWe are a small company - friendly and approachable

link.gifOur support staff have personal  experience with equine sports

link.gifWe are New Zealand focused and know the climate, pasture and conditions

link.gifWe have the developmental capability for international conditions

link.gifOur products are formulated by vets and developed for specific needs


Our Products


Aloe Cool- Cools and soothes, providing relief to tired muscles

Flex Equine- Nutritional supplement which helps to maintain joint function,  elasticity and aids in joint repair

Nasal Eze- An effective product for  upper respiratory tract problems

Virex- Relief of symptoms from  viral respiratory infections



Electrolytes- Formulated to replace essential salts and minerals lost by sweating

Four Feet- Promoting healthy hooves

Iron 3 - Total haemolytic supplement, withith copper and cobalt

Performance Minerals- Providing a full balanced daily requirement

Relax- Natural calming without sedation and its safe for use in racing and for competition.

Selenium K- Chelated (organic) Selenium with Kelp. This is a safe way to supplement Selenium.

Vitamin E- Antioxidant for horses or breeding stock on low pasture, or for nervous animals

Vetpro Foalmilk- Specifically formulated for the orphan foal.  Includes teat, sterilising tablets and full instructions




B Boost- A paste containing high dose B vitamins with Betaine. Fullfills the demand for B vitamins from strenuous activity and reduces lactic acid for reduced fatigue and quick recovery.

Bone Builder- This product is scientifically proven to reduce the incidence of bone injuries With Silicon.

CR3 Chromium Plus- contains amino acids important to muscle performance and repair, organic chromium and Vitamin B6

Digest Rite Performance- Multi-formulated supplement which assists with diet-related problems, eg; tye up and acidosis in horses

Digest Rite Sport- Multi-formulated supplement which assists with diet-related problems, eg; staggers and excitability in horses fed mostly pasture and hay.

Muscle Max- Nutritional supplement containing natural antioxidants with gamma oryganzol and rice bran. Improves muscle condition and function

Lysine T - Amino Acid Supplement that unlocks the protein in your equine athlete's diet.

Quicklyte- Contains electrolytes and chelated minerals for fast replacement. Ideal for pre- or post-competition or race.

Recovery Boost- Specially formulated to assist healing and recovery. This product also assist horses facing long periods of immobility and helps with the negative effects of toxin ingestion



Fly Repellent- Naturally deters to flies and biting insects

Fungal Shampoo- Removes embedded dirt and can relieve minor fungal and bacterial skin infections. This product gives the coat with a healthy sheen

Sunblock Powder- Unique powder formula which blocks all UVA and UVB rays.



Sea Minerals Liquid Kelp- Containing 53 Natural Nutrients


Dogs & Cats & Pets

Flex Canine- Your dog's mobility is dependent on it having pain-free joints

Skin Repair Cream- Contains high grade emu oil and is effective on skin irritations

Small Animal Kit - Everything you need for your small animal in an emergency

Waterless Shampoo No need for water!



Compression Bandage- These bandages work faster than ice and need no refrigeration

Equine Rug- The Arctic Blast Cooling Rug accelerate evaporatives cooling and rapidly reduces body temperature

Hyperthermic coolant- This product works rapidly and safely to reduce temperature


Recharge- Use to recharge your Artic blast rug and bandages




Deep Down Heat- A penetrating liniment which aids in injury recovery for muscles, soft tissue and joints.

Leg Tightener- Combining the action of a cooling gel and a poultice

Repair Cream- Ideal product for minor wound and skin repair. This product contains the highest grade emu oil




Animalintex- All-purpose veterinary wound dressing and poultice for horses and dogs

Activate- A carbon dressing that is ideal for serious wounds

Equiwrap- Elastic self-adhesive bandage

Gamgee- Padded dressing, ideal for dressing injuries and box bandaging




Crepe- 100% cotton bandage, stretches in both directions

Cool Gel Pads- To reduce swelling and inflammation

Equibine- Made from non-woven material and cotton wool. This product is ideal for box bandaging and injuries

Gloves- Disposable gloves, ideal for use in veterinary clinics or hospitals

Gowns- Sterile surgical gowns

Hoof Poultice- All-purpose hoof shaped poultice and wound dressing

PBT Bandages- Side-woven conform stretch bandage

Plast- Extra "sticky" elastic bandage

Sterile dressing- Perfect for surgical use and when a sterile dressing is required

Syringes- Disposable, sterile syringes

Thermometers- For fast, safe and comfortable temperature readings

Wrap- Cohesive Elastic Bandage from Medisportz