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Home of the New Zealand designed and manufactured Wagener Fairburn Slow Combustion Woodranges, the Butler Multi high performance hot water heater and the CookTop Wagener Stove.

We are a small “family” business with a wealth of knowledge gained from over 28 years in the heating industry both in the manufacture of our own stoves and the design and manufacture of “Lion” wet backs for New Zealand's leading stove manufacturers. 

We also operate a full retail heating shop for our local market offering a large variety of wood fireplace stoves, home wood stoves, fires and accessories, along with a full installation and back up service.This gives us first hand knowledge of your needs and desires so we can continue to do the very best for both our local and national customers.

We have a comprehensive network of dealers throughout the country who can help you with all your Wagener Stoves requirements.



  • Low profile ideal for high traffic areas
  • Low cost alternative to traditional tiled hearths               

Small Wagener Treadle Hearth 700mm wide x 1000mm deep  $174.00 inc GST

Large Wagener Treadle Hearth 1210mm wide x 1000mm deep $275.00 inc GST

Custom Made Treadle Hearth up to 1200mm wide x 1200mm deep $275.00 inc GST 

NOTE: Custom hearths made to order for other stoves up to a maximum size of 2400mm x 1200mm price on application. Freight Extra  

Treadle Plate Steel Ash Hearth Floor Protectors Painted Black   



No More Birds Nesting In or Down your Flue

Galvanised “Cowl” Bird Netting

Barry Kernot of Wagener Stoves designed this simple, effective & long lasting solution to birds & nests in your flue system.

The Bird Netting arrives in a flat strip with “short legs” at each end and “long fingers” on each side as pictured below.

It consists of 2mm steel which is galvanised for durability and will outlast “chicken netting” by many years. It is very simple and easy to fit to your cowl.

Firstly bend the two outside short legs on one end to 90 degrees.Then wrap the netting around the cowl and lock firmly into place by fitting the two bent legs through the opposite square holes and bend over to secure. Lastly bend all of the long fingers both top and bottom at 90 degrees as pictured to prevent birds entering the cowl.

Please Note : The cowl can be removed from the flue for chimney sweeping without removing the bird netting.

Available from your local Wagener Stoves Dealer 
Location: 5 Allen Bell Drive
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