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Chevaux Dansants Stables

Chevaux Dansants Stables

CDS - Means Dancing Horse Stables


The Stud name was devised when we sat on the end of the paddock in 2007 watching our newly imported then 6month old Colt Donnerubin dance his way around the paddock (when he wasn't sharing out biscuits!).

The property Wayne and I are on, I purchased from my Mothers Estate in 2000 and is where I grew up. Now our next generation of riders has been born Claudia (April 2008) and Olivia born Dec 2011.

We are privileged to have been able to secure the purchase all those many years ago and import Donnerubin (Oscar) to NZ and now the stunning Rohdinger to NZ.

Donnerubin (imp)

Donnerubin was imported to be my next Dressage Star (I pray I can do him justice!) Some of the Countries top Dressage, Showing, and Eventing riders are taking advantage of his stud fee discounts and his superb bloodlines.

Donnerhall heavily stamps his progeny and this is a trait that Donnerubin has inherited. Almost all of his progeny look like they could be full siblings!!!!

In particular he stamps a super setting of their neck out of the shoulder and into the poll, extremely long straight legs, stunningly beautiful heads and exceptional movement and temperament. Most foals are black, a few were mahogany bay and a couple an almost black liver chestnut.

His first foal ever sold, sold for a whopping $17,500 + GST!

From his first season, most of the mare owners took one look at their foals and put their mare straight back in foal to him, which we felt was the pinnacle of his success!

In 2010-11 we started focusing on importing top quality broodmares, the first of which Gymnastic Grace (Gymnastic Star x a mare who was the Australian PSG National Champion). She has just foaled in Oct 2011, and had a stunning filly foal, who looks like a Bay carbon copy of her Sire.
Donnerubin's success now under saddle, is the unequivocal evidence of his superb ridability (which is the best trait to a successful dressage horse).

At only 4 years old, at his 4th Competition ever, while only under saddle 9 months and as a busy breeding stallion (he served over 60 mares that season) he was the Horse of the Year Level 1 Dressage Champion. In the Championship final, the Judge at A scored him 83% in the 1.6 challenge test!!!

Never before has that been achieved by such a young horse, let alone a breeding stallion!!

As at Dec 2012 he is getting stronger again after having all of 2011 off after HOYS while Jacinda was pregnant, he's back out competing in level 3 2012 season and winning with marks of 68.5% plus (and that’s with two x marks of 4 from both Judges for sneaking in flying changes in his counter canter!)

Donnerubin’s training as at 2012 sees him already showing a considerable talent for passage and piaffe (see photos), even his baby steps at those movements are impressive, but for a 6 year old to find them that easy, just goes to show how even highly collected and advanced dressage movements can be easy for a horse built for the job!

More than that, his fertility is exceptional. With exceptionally high motility (how many little swimmers are swimming! (we are told one of the highest in the country) and little swimmers that live about twice as long as normal, (normally 48hrs), his conception rate is second to none in the country!!!

The Specialist Reproductive Vets in the Country refer problem mares to him, to get them in foal!!!

We were professionally taught by Equibreed how to collect and handle the semen ourselves, so that every sample reaches the mare in tip top condition.

We analyse every semen shipment before it reaches the Mare Owners, including sending a "Semen Anaylsis" report with every shipment, so that Mare Owners can rest assured the money they are spending secures quality semen.

His first season serving was an extreme success, well beyond our wildest dreams. As at 1st March 2010 at the end of his season, he had sold out (twice - see his webpage), and successfully impregnated all of the mares in his studbook off the first insemination!! A record unheard of! We were all very proud!!

So check out Donnerubin's blurb, his 100% German bloodlines are phenomenal, his paces are international quality, but best of all his temperament is simply put unbeatable! He has been described by all who come in contact with him (including the Country's top Reproductive Veterinary Team) as the nicest Stallion they have ever dealt with, in terms of manners and temperament, we said "whew" so it wasn't just rose coloured glasses then!

But wait theres more!!

Welcoming our new Stallion

Rohdinger (Imp.IU )

Imp. in Utero from Germany

After years of searching for another Stallion or Colt to match and compliment our beloved Donnerubin’s bloodlines, temperament, and movement we have finally found him!

Rohdinger’s sire is the world dressage sensation, Rohdiamant, now deceased. Rohdiamant is undoubtedly the most outstanding of the Rubinstein Sons. Not only was Rohdiamant twice Bundeschampion, and won World-Cup Grand Prix Freestyles and Internationally at Grand Prix, but now he is also the sire of champions on the international stage.

Rohdiamant in 2008 joined his Sire Rubinstein in the list of the world’s top 10 dressage makers. Examples of his champion progeny are, stallion Real Diamond who leads the German FN Dressage Breeding rankings 2010 and Edward Gal’s two new GP Dressage superstar Stallions, Voice (De Niro/Rohdiamant) and Blue Hors Romanov (Rohdiamant/Grundstein/Akzent II)

Rohdinger was imported in Utero with his Verband Premium Oldenburg Dam, who is by the Sandro Hit’s sensational son Stedinger. Stedinger’s legend is just beginning, but started with him being the Young Stallion Champion at the Oldenburg Licensing and his progeny reaching top prices at Auction, as well his progeny now winning multi championships themselves. Rohdinger’s Dam is in turn by Ramiro Z, one of the few show-jumping stallions whose bloodlines can be seen in horses competing internationally in dressage.

Rohdinger is now back in work after Jacinda having most of 2011 off whilst pregnant, and he is showing even greater talent at 4 years old than Donnerubin did at the same age.   We are extremely excited about his future.   Those that meet him are impressed by his gorgeous nature, and stunningly handsome looks.   His first crop of foals will be on the ground in 2013.

If there was ever any question that we here at CDS are on the right track to breeding international dressage stars for the future, it was set to rest by the recent “Analysis of the breeding of horses competing at the European Dressage Championships 2011” done by Chris Hector - Editor of The Horse Magazine and breeding expert.

Hector’s analysis showed Donnerhall’s bloodline dominance on the international dressage stage. Overall of the horses competing at the 2011 European Championships, there were 5 horses that were by Donnerhall Son’s, 2 of whom were by De Niro. The R-line was represented by 3 horses and 2 of those were by Rohdiamant.
Hector outlined that the top 10 place-getting horses at the 2011 European Championships had bloodlines demonstrated 2 things, the first that Donnerhall dominates (3 were Donnerhall) and second if you want to breed an international Grand Prix horse, you better start with an international dressage sire, as 7 of the top 10 place-getters at the Championships were by Stallions who had competing internationally at Grand Prix themselves.

Following that rationale, both Donnerhall and De Niro (Donnerubin’s Grandsires on Sire and Dam lines) and Rubinstein, Rohdiamant and Sandro Hit (Rohdinger’s Sire and Grandsire and his Dam’s Grandsire) were international Grand Prix Dressage Stallions!

The analysis by Hector goes to the very heart of what makes an internationally successful Grand Prix Dressage horse and that is to use bloodlines that have already shown their supreme ride-ability to get to that level of success!

So we at CDS are proud to offer two stallions of this calibre, who are perfectly matched to cross over each others progeny. We are trying to fast-track NZ onto the International Dressage stage by offering these bloodlines and offering them at an affordable price. As such the early bird, exceptional mare, multiple mare, and return owner or mare loyalty discount are all now for either CDS Stallion.

From all of us at CDS, we welcome your enthusiasm and enquiries, we look forward to doing our part in putting back into the sport what we have received thus far by offering discounted and affordable service fees for our outstanding young Stallions.

Look forward to hearing from you

Jacinda, Wayne and Claudia and Olivia



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