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Denmark's Platinum Playboy has been sold to Australia and is no longer available to NZ breeders.

Thanks and best wishes to all Denny's and Bud's  fans -- from Ian and Lee

Trainability, attitude,  intelligence, temperament, affectionate, extremely willing, plus the elegant, athletic elevated, elastic, free movement that will compare with the best warm bloods.!!  

Consistently, these are the comments from  people who have youngsters by Denmark’s Platinum Playboy --or ‘Denny‘ as  his many friends and admirers know him. The oldest are now rising 5 years old and are starting to come out under saddle and without fail, everyone goes in to raptures about their youngster by this amazing stallion. Some have even bought a second after the first purchase.  The guaranteed colour ie eg. Palomino from chestnut mares is a complete bonus. 

The American Saddlebred as a breed was developed using standardbred, Morgan, Arab and much TB blood. There is no heavy horse influence as in the Warmbloods. The origins of ‘the sport horse that America made‘, go back to the 1700s where they began as general every day horses designed to comfortably and efficiently carry a rider from place to place across country. They were also used for light harness and in war time, necessity sometimes dictated that they were even used to pull the plough despite the fact that they are a light weight breed. Because of their good sense, striking appearance, stamina, athleticism, desire to please and try hard attitude, American Saddlebreds were the mount of choice of military officers during the wars of USA. These horses were known for their amazing feats of endurance in the times when the horse was a necessity of life. A good horse was worth it’s weight in gold in those times.

The modern every day sport horse, American Saddlebreds are still versatile and can excel in most sport horse activities. The breed, and Denny is typical,  oozes elegance and refinement. The neck is long and considerably arched with extremely clean head/neck connection allowing superb flexion at the poll. The head is well proportioned and refined, with elegant ears. With straight legs, good strong flat bone and tough feet, it has been said by those who know the breed well, that they are rarely lame. --What a bonus that is!!!

These amazing horses possess an extreme people orientated quality which expresses itself with their affectionate and responsive personality. This trait deeply endears them to their owners and admirers alike, which has been the case with our gorgeous boy.  When he came through quarantine in Karaka, one comment from his handler was--'he is a big softie'.  American Saddlebreds have a built in strong desire to please, consequently try really hard to do what is asked of them. When purchasing Denny, we read/heard about this trait, but thought--yes well--like most horses if handled right! Having forgotten this fact, we were reminded about it when we had our amazing boy, at 9yr old, finally started under saddle. This trait came to the fore as Tracy Rampton, who started him and rode him on a regular basis, was continually impressed with his attitude. Tracy is a top English rider who has show jumped and evented internationally. She has ridden many horses, of all breeds. She says Denny is soft, generous, athletic and always tries his hardest to do what is asked of him--and he doesn’t have to be asked twice, that he is super intelligent and learns fast, that he is exceptional in many ways.

Generally speaking, American Saddlebreds are happy, courageous horses, extremely alert and curious. Denny never misses a trick. He is always on the lookout, watching and studying anything out of the ordinary until he is satisfied that all is well. He can differentiate between vehicles on St Hwy 2 or on the drive which are alongside and parallel to each other and ofcourse he is particularly interested in horse vehicles coming down the drive

Particularly patient and amenable and super intelligent , the American Saddlebred generally will not respond well to being forced into anything. Because their attitude is willing and they learn quickly, short training lessons are all that is needed to keep them alert and animated. They have such an intelligent, enquiring brain, anything otherwise will result in these amazing sensitive horses becoming downtrodden and dull.

Dressage is a natural activity to the ASBs as they are extremely athletic, clever with their feet, smart and trainable. One writer, Chuck Grant, who has been given the title 'Father of American Dressage’ and is honoured in the US Dressage Federation Hall of Fame, states that in his opinion, the American Saddlebred has everything one would want for a great dressage horse. Quote--he is beautiful, he has the grace of an great athlete and the mind of one who wants to work in a relaxed state and is easier to train because of it. He uses himself in a much more refined manner. unquote

Another quote---He is like rubber to ride, responding to the seat and leg with a soft yielding to a subtle aid. Forward is not the question with the Saddlebred: it is the answer! They are naturally disposed to push through. At liberty, you can see that energy: from hock to poll and when they launch into trot or canter it will give you goose bumps--(and this is Denny).

You often see them doing piaffe or passage at liberty, because the collection required to do these gaits is natural to the ASB. Unquote. And this is exactly what Denny does when he gets his feed every day, -- passage around his feed bin. Incredible!

Harry Callahan, purebred ASB, was first trained in the saddleseat way of going which is completely different to anything we do here in NZ. Then his direction was completely changed when he was bought and retrained in dressage by Chrissa Hoffmann. He reached grandeprix level in 3 years. He so impressed that at the time he was featured on front cover of US Dressage Federation’s magazine. His fame even reached Europe as mention was made in German magazines. There are many ABSs doing dressage in USA and doing it well. We are expect that they will be impressing in dressage circles here in New Zealand soon too, as our gorgeous boy's progeny start to compete.

A rising 5 year old, Charm, from Denny's first crop, out of a warmblood mare with imp bloodlines, is in training with a grandprix dressage rider. This gorgeous elegant golden palomino mare continually impresses her trainer with her enthusiasm, trainability, athleticism and common sense. She attracts much attention when attending events (just for the experience but not competing yet) and people are lining up to purchase her with already one substantial offer declined because she is not for sale.

Onewerre Mint (as in where the gold is kept) out of an imp Swedish Warmblood mare, whose devoted owner, a competent dressage rider, says she has to be so careful not to take him too fast as he is soo willing and trainable. Being carefully schooled, Mint is already showing that he will easily learn high school movements . Although Mint is showing enthusiasm at basic jumping too, the focus for him is also dressage. He is dark golden palomino, tall, elegant, elevated --and eyecatching. On the hunt field as well, now Mint is showing his versatility --and continuing to attract attention every time he is out.

Whilst there is only a handful of ASBs in NZ, many have been spread around the world. It is apparent that American Saddlebred blood is flowing through many of the modern European warm bloods that we all admire. In recent times, Denny’s uncle, Denmarks Golden Boy, who later became Holland’s Golden Boy, was exported to Holland where he was bred to 400 Dutch mares after which he was sold to Germany where he stood at stud for a time until his  death.  The spectacular golden palomino stallion, Kalamino, exported to USA and now competing at GrandePrix level dressage was a result of Holland’s Golden Boy being bred to a Dutch Warmblood mare.

As well as their natural dressage capabilities, American Saddlebreds are used for all manner of  sport horse activities including eventing, hunting, show jumping, and also light harness. Even the western fraternity have been known to ride ASBs for their sports and as they are ‘Cow savvy’, they can also work cattle. It says a lot for the sensible nature of this amazing breed that some have been used also in therapeutic riding for disabled. Stamina is a built in attribute for them. For 3 years running, the leading endurance horse in USA was an ASB.

In USA, the American Saddlebreds are often used for what is called Saddleseat riding. They are ridden and in harness where they are trained in fast, smooth, high stepping trotting action. Many competitions are held and the natural peacock attitude of the ASB makes them spectacular to watch. All ASBs are born with the ability to walk, trot and canter, but many are taught extra gaits. Denny is normal 3 gaited with an extremely athletic and naturally elastic uphill trot and a very good smooth canter.

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