Sharons Paddlers

The Peruvain Paso was developed over 500 years to be the smoothest riding horse in the world bar none. This amazing breed is now available in New Zealand. Tesaro Halado is now standing at stud in South Auckland. Booking are advised. Stud fees are as follows, $1500 to purebred mares, $500 to non breed mares. Prices are in New Zealand dollars. AI is also available.


    • They have the kindest of temperments. They are very easy to train.

    • They have a very developed gait. This horse swings it`s front feet out like a swimmer. The back feet overextend under them. Doing this, means the horses head doesn`t bob, nor the back flex. Thus the rider has almost no up and down nor side to side movement.

    • The ride is so smooth that the rider can drink a cup of coffee and not spill it. This horse is great for the older rider who wants a classy horse that goes well but is sensible. People with back injurys can also ride these horses, as the rider doesn`t get jared while riding. Very young children can also ride them.

    • Tesaro Halado is the first peruvian paso in New Zealand. He is standing at stud in south auckland, to any mares. We have young stock available in the spring. This year there will be 1 foal and 1 yearling available.
Stud: Sharons Paddlers
Stallion: Tesaro
Location: 42 McLarin Rd

Phone: 64 9 235 3676
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