Ph 09 420 5788
Age:12 years Height:13.1 hh
Breed:7/8 WELSH Colour:CREMELO
Stud Fees:$562.50
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Spider has a wonderful manner about him.  He is easy to handle and has impeccable manners which he passes onto his foals.

Spider has been standing at stud for the past 6 years with the previous owner and has consistantly produced champion prodgeny. Ponies which have a temperament to die for, they have been a pleasure to handle and people have come back to buy brothers and sisters due to their temperaments and trainability.

He has amazing paces when strutting his stuff around the paddock which he has so kindly passed down through to his sons and daughters.

Spider is guaranteed to put colour over any mare.  His foals have either been Palomino, Buckskin, Dun or Cremelo when put over Bays and Chestnuts.

Being a 7/8 part bred Welsh, we are able to register all his foals as part bred Welsh ponies.

Our intention as a newly opened stud is to offer a natural environment where the mares run with the stallion and his 3 permanent wives!!  We believe in offering the most natural environment to gain the most success for getting a mare in foal.  We have large paddocks which cover our 100 acre property so we can create a more natural setting in which courting can take place!!

Location: 108 Quail Road
Phone: 09 420 5788
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