Denmarks Platinum Playboy
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Denmarks Platinum Playboy
Age:9 years Height:16.1 hh
Breed:American Saddlebred/Warmblood Colour:Cremello
Discipline:ShowJumping, Dressage
Stud Fees:$1500.00
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Denmark's Platinum Playboy has been sold to Australia and is no longer available to NZ breeders.

Thanks and best wishes to all Denny's and Bud's  fans - from Ian and Lee.


Denny arrived in New Zealand in 2006 from Bufalo, USA. He was available to the Kiwi equestrian fraternity for only 2 breeding seasons. In this short time he produced 35 offspring, and through no fault of his own has had minimal use since. The oldest are rising 5 yrs old. Denny has put his stamp on them all as they are very like him, elegant, refined, athletic, and by all accounts, willing and trainable.

Because our amazing stallion has such incredible elastic, uphill movement, and shows natural dressage ability at liberty in the paddock, we decided even though he was 9 years old that we would have him started under saddle. Even at this age, Denny showed that it was the most natural thing in the world for him to carry someone on his back and do their bidding. It is obvious that he enjoys the work and entertainment as he is enthusiastic and willing and even shows a definite sense of humour at times which has us all cracking up. He has taken to it like a duck to water--not at all what would normally be expected of a 9yr old stallion.

comments---- "Denny has been a pleasure to train and ride from day one. He has a natural ability to cover the ground effortlessly while also having a good attitude whether he is cruising around the farm or learning new movements in the dressage arena. He is super intelligent and shows willingness to please every time I ride him and continues to surprise me in his ability to learn and cope with different situations. He is an exciting horse to ride and I look forward to watching his progress in the future".

He was classified and registered as an American Warmblood before leaving  USA as he has everything and more that the well known warm blood has to offer. And after all, there is a surprising amount of Saddlebred influence running through some European Warmbloods. Perhaps , if the research were done, we might find ASB bloodlines in the easily trainable warmbloods.

Denny, being of cremello colour, is guaranteed to throw dilute colours, ie palomino with chestnut mares and buckskin and palomino with bay or brown mares. He can throw smokey black with dark coloured mares. He consistently throws refined, elegant, freemoving, easily trainable offspring --- and every one of them makes us proud. Even bred to a full Clydie, the resulting colt is elegant and eyecatching.

You have to know him to believe him. Once having owned or come into contact with a horse like Denny, there is no turning back as nothing will compare. The fact that this is a once in a lifetime horse, from all points of view, is a big part of why he has not been moved on to new ownership and because of the personal reasons, he has had little use for the last few years. We need to let go of him and allow him to be used to his full potential--maybe trained in dressage, as he would be fabulous!!!    He is offered for sale to a very special home.

As Denny youngsters are now starting under saddle, it seems that everyone who has one is experiencing the Denny attributes and is totally smitten. If they do come up for sale , it is very reluctantly--or they were bred to sell. To breed yourself a versatile, athletic, trainable sport horse,  with guaranteed colour as a bonus, Denmarks Platinum Playboy is your stallion.

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NZ All Breeds Stallion Parade Special $1,500

See below for more progeny information:

Charm Platinum Playboy daughter, Charm, out of chestnut Luden's Gold, warmblood iiuAus. Rising 5yr old, Charm, owned by Peter,  is tall and elegant with elevated athletic action, and in training with top level dressage rider. Carolyn says this mare will go to the top as she is trainable, clever and willing. She attracts attention when ever she is out and about and constantly impresses with her attitude. Charm
Pearl Jo has Pearl (pictured right),  a gorgeous golden palomino out of a stationbred mare. She says: "I could talk all day about how easy to start she was and how bombproof she is, how personable she is, how many random people stop me in the street to tell me how elegant my horse is--the list goes on. I’ve done horses for 30 years and she is my favourite so far."

This young mare is oozing dressage potential.

Sassy Lassie Platinum Playboy daughter, Sassy Lassie, out of warmblood mare. Rising 4 yr old golden palomino filly, stunning, elegant, athletic, trainable.

Quote from owner and breeder, Pauline - "Rochelle, for a 14 year old girl that has only been riding for just over two years, has broken this horse in herself (with a little help from me (her mum) with ground work) but has done ALL the riding herself.  Now how many horses can you say that about?  She has the most wonderful nature and will now be with us forever."

Sassy Lassie
Platinum Playboy offspring exported to Australia Byzance Diamond Boy, out of high percentage arab mare, cremello colt sold for stud purposes. Bred by
Byzance Diamond Boy
Platinum Playboy offspring exported to Australia Buckskin gelding out of TB mare.
Platinum Playboy offspring exported to Australia Golden palomino colt out of TB mare Apollo
Plutonium Lady

Platinum Playboy daughter, Plutonium Lady, out of chestnut TB.

Palomino rising 5yr,  Lilly was started by young 13 yr old girl, Caitlin whose parents bred this lovely mare. Caitlin can ride her in halter and bareback on any contour. Typical of Denny offspring, she is athletic and free moving

Plutonium Lady
Onewerre Spessatine

Platinum Playboy daughter, out of Onewerre MargotFT, warmblood (by Dreamboy x ger, out of Maria x swe).

A very special dark golden palomino filly. Rising 1 yr, Tinee is destined to go far as her attitude is typical of Denny offspring, enthusiastic, willing and intelligent with movement to die for. With these attributes and her gorgeous colouring, she is guaranteed to wow the crowds wherever she goes. To the right home, possibly for sale.

Onewerre Spessatine

Platinum Playboy daughter, Moonlight, out of chestnut TB.

Palomino rising 3yr filly, elegant, athletic, was bred by Bill to sell and is now offered for sale 07 5441815. Potential super sport horse for many disciplines


Platinum Playboy daughter, Shelby, out of dark brown TB.

This stunning smokey black rising 3 yr old filly has extremely elevated, floating movement, versatile, was bred by Bill to sell and is offered for sale. 07 544 1815

Byzance Diamond Boy

Platinum Playboy son, Byzance Diamond Boy, out of cremello high percentage arab mare.

This beautiful National Show Horse (almost) was sold to Australia as a weanling and is now resident stallion. Bred by Anne Marie of Byzance Action Horses

Byzance Diamond Boy

Platinum Playboy daughter, Nova, out of TB . Tall, elegant, athletic, sensible and willing.

Rising 5 yr old lovely palomino mare.

Four Platinum Playboy fillies Bred by Anne Marie  Gorgeous fillies that she is keeping for her breeding programme.  Three golden  fillies out of purebred arabs and a smokey cream out of buckskin warmblood mare.
Four Platinum Playboy fillies
Denmark's Platinum Playboy buckskin filly Denmark's Platinum Playboy buckskin filly out of Andulusian, bred by the owner to sell but now being retained as her own personal riding horse. Denmark's Platinum Playboy buckskin filly
Location: 1865 SH 2

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