Age:7 years Height:17.0 hh
Breed:Holsteiner Colour:Dark Brown
Discipline:SportHorse, Eventing, ShowJumping, ShowHunter, Dressage, Showing, Other
Stud Fees:$1500.00
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Landsborough is a seven year old, registered Holsteiner standing at 17 hands high. He is by Lander out of HP Cartier. He has a dream temperament - is cool headed and emminently trainable and good natured. 


Lander was imported to Australia from Germany in 1985. He won the Champion Warmblood exhibit at the Brisbane Royal Show the same year. In 1986 he passed all three phases of his performance test with top marks.

Lander was a World Cup Show jumper and was a star in the Puissance. Renowned dam sire with many offspring excelling in dressage and show jumping.

Six Holsteiners went to the 84 Olympics – four were related to Lander: Livius won a bronze in show jumping, Farmer also won a bronze in showjumping, Fairlady the bronze medal for Eventing, and Montevideo, a gold medal in dressage.


Influential ancestors on Lander’s dam line were Loretto, Faehnrich, Farnese and Marlon; and Ladykiller and Lorenz on the sire line. Ladykiller has three most influential sons – Lord, Landgraf and Lorenz – all three stallions jumped record heights. Lander comes from Stamm 776 – this is the number given to his dam line. It is one of the influential mare lines in the Holstein studbook. 


Influential ancestors on Cartier’s sire line were Ramzes, Cottage Son, Ramiro Z, Ronald and Rocadero; on the dam line: Satu Besar, The Heron and The Swift. 

Lander Bloodline  

Cartier Bloodline


Landsborough at the Holsteiner Classification 2006 



Type breed and gender breed    7
Top line                                   8
Forehand                                 7
Backhand                                 7.5



Walk                                       6.5
Trot                                        7
Canter                                    7.5


Attitude                                   7.5
Snap up                                  6.5
Shoulder use                           7
Bascule                                   7
Hindlegs up                             7
Scope and Style                       7


The above photo was taken March 2006 at the ANZHHA registration. Steve Houston of Geraldine was Landsborough's rider and handler that day. The photo is testament to the fact that Landsborough is very well mannered and biddable. Just across the lane from the arena there were several horses galloping and bucking around their yard. Landsborough was content to focus on Steve.


Landsborough free jumping at the Holsteiner classification.




Stud: DonnerHaven
Stallion: Landsborough
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