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Diamond Park Sinatra
Diamond Park Sinatra
Age:3 years Height:16.0 hh
Breed:Thoroughbred Colour:Cremello
Discipline:SportHorse, Eventing, ShowJumping, ShowHunter, Dressage, Polo, Harness, Showing, Endurance, PleasureRiding, Western, Other
Stud Fees:$1750.00
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Diamond Park Sinatra (Photo as 2yo)

Gurteen Stud has some awesome and exiting news. For years we have been trying to break into the market of premium dilute warmbloods (ie palominos and duns). Unfortunately it has been impossible to find a worthy starting point.

Most of the colour in New Zealand appears to originate from quarter horses and welsh ponies. We were finally forced to cross the ditch to Australia. After a long and exhaustive search, we found Diamond Park Sinatra. Unfortunately, we almost lost him before he even made it to New Zealand. Diamond Park is placed centrally to the terrible fires that swept through Victoria. Sinatra was locked in his stable while helicopters collected water out of the dam in his paddock. The road to Melbourne only re-opened the day before he was booked to be trucked to the coast to board the ship to New Zealand. Thank goodness a perfect, but very tired 2yo colt stepped off the boat in Timaru. He only had a week to rest up before he met his first lady friend. We introduced him to our beautiful (and patient !!) Weltmeyer mare, Weltnader "aka Wendy". He did everything right, and Wendy is expecting a gorgeous palomino baby in January next year. This foal will be eagerly awaited.

Sinatra's Sire: Diamond Park Mikasa

Sinatra's Dam: Diamond Park Royal Whisper 

Sinatra's Grandsire: Diamond Park Gold Obsession


Sinatra's breeding is amazing. He is over 97% thoroughbred. He is eligible to be a racehorse in parts of Australia! He would make a very strange sight, though, with his pink skin and icy blue eyes.

Sinatra is a double dilute cremello. This means that if he is bred with any bay, black, or chestnut colour mare, he will produce a palomino or buckskin (dilute). Because he is a cremello and not a perlino, he can produce a palomino with bay or black mares (provided they carry the chestnut gene). There is a 50% chance of a dilute foal when he is bred with a grey mare. He will produce another cremello only if he is bred to a dilute mare.

Sinatra has been carefully bred to carry the genes that produce an amazing coppery dark palomino with snowy white tails (see his dam and grandsire). These dark gold palominos are rare in New Zealand. Being a thoroughbred, he will also act as a refining factor to any breed. He will add quality and class to warmbloods, crossbreds and quarter horses alike. Sinatra was measured at 15.2hh when he arrived at stud in February. As his sire is 16hh and his dam is 16.2hh, we hope that he will mature at 16-16.1hh.

As a three year old, Sinatra will be standing at stud to a limited book of mares via AI. If you want to be one of the first to breed with this amazing young sire, a deposit will secure your mare's place in his book.

Gurteen Stud offers Sinatra for the 2009/2010 Season at $1750 + gst. He will be available via AI. (No dilute mares).

Please contact us if you have any questions or queries. We would love to hear from you.

 Sinatra can be seen at the spring stallion parade in Christchurch.

Stud: Gurteen Stud
Stallion: Diamond Park Sinatra
Stallion: Griffyndor
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