Fleetwater Opposition
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Fleetwater Opposition
Age:10 years Height:16.0 hh
Breed:Trakehner Colour:Black
Discipline:SportHorse, Eventing, Dressage
Stud Fees:$3020.00
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Currently ranked 7th in the stallion list on the WBFSH for eventing!!!!

Elite Graded Double Gold Medallist 3 Day Eventer & Advanced Dressage Stallion

Winner of the Sporthorse Breeding (GB) Lifetime Achievement Award

Winner of the Trakehner Breeders Fraternity Lifetime Excellence Award

Fleetwater Opposition is a world famous sire of Olympic horses. He himself won the Junior European 3 Day Event Individual and Team Gold Medals. He is also a highly successful Advanced Dressage stallion with impeccable bloodlines. He is closely related to Almox Prints J the Olympic Show Jumper and Pepel the Olympic Dressage Silver Medallist

Owned by Landford Common Stud

If you require outstanding movement and temperament for the dressage arena, the
beauty and conformation to win at the Royal International and the courage, intelligence and jumping ability to excel in 3DE then he is most definitely the sire for you.

Fleetwater Opposition's competitive record illustrates his almost unique ability to excel in any sphere. He won the Junior European Three Day Event, individual and
team gold medals when he was six years old. He was fourth in the Spillers Dressage and Jumping finals at Wembley. He went from Elementary to Advanced Dressage in two seasons where he excelled by winning and being placed in every competition he competed in up to Grand Prix.

Fleetwater Opposition's genes are saturated with success from both sides of his pedigree.

His sire Muschamp Danube was a prolific sire of successful Advanced Event Horses, Show Jumpers, Dressage Horses and European Individual Medalist Driving Horses.

His dam Opushka was an Elite Graded Trakehner from one of the world’s most famous and successful bloodlines, which can be traced back to the original Russian Stud Book. She was from the same family as the Olympic Silver Medallist Pepel and the Olympic Show Jumping stallion Almox Prints J. Opushka was the dam of Date Up an international show jumping mare who won at the Pan American Games and was the Norwegian Show Jumping Champion.

Another one of the offspring was Fleetwater Oppidan who won the Advanced class at Gatcombe Park Horse Trials. He is also a Grade B Show Jumper and Advanced Medium Dressage Horse.

Fleetwater Opposition's high fertility is ensuring a family whose achievements are known throughout the world.

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