Arena Development
Age:8 years Height:16.3 hh
Breed:Hanoverian Colour:Black
Discipline:ShowJumping, Dressage
Stud Fees:$2350.00
Blood Line:Click to view

Doringcourt is an upstanding black Hanoverian stallion by Dressage Royal and has been quoted by many as one of the nicest Stallions to have come down to the Southern Hemisphere. 

He is proving to be a most exceptional dressage stallion.

His walk and his huge trot and canter catch the eye of any serious dressage rider or judge. 

His impeccable conformation, wonderful trainability and rideability and his superb character creates the whole package for a dressage rider’s dream and to top it off he comes from a line up of some of the best breeding lines in the World. 

Before leaving for New Zealand, Doringcourt was made a Premium Licensed Stallion with the ZfdP Germany passing with high marks.  The ZfdP placed him third out of 32 Stallions with a total mark of 8.65.  He received 8.88 for his walk which was the highest mark given out.  His rideability is superb getting an 8.75.

For his jumping he received 8.94 which gives him a double talent with dressage and jumping.  From this testing he was made a Premium Licensed Stallion with the ZfdP Germany with overall marks of 8.65. Mare owners should take special note of Doringcourt. His high trainability and rideable temperament has been passed onto him by his genetic heritage with the dressage greats Donnerhall and Rubinstein in such close proximity.

These two stallions are consistently found in the Top 5 of the FN Rankings in Germany. Their genetic contribution to the sport of dressage will be felt for generations – these two stallions consistently produce horses that can be ridden by amateur and professional alike at the highest levels in sport.


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